Introduction: Block Heater Cord Holder

After putting up with block heater cords flapping against my last two car hoods I decided to make a simple, almost no cost magnetic holder. I say almost no cost because these were all items I had laying around. Winter here is very changeable. Last week temperatures were hovering around freezing, then -29 degrees Celsius. Now the temperature is above freezing. When winter is truly over I use a cable tie to fasten the cord back under the hood. The system has survived its first winter.


If you have a steel bumper or grill. Tape the magnet to the chord or plug with electrical tape, and be sure it sticks to your bumper. Project finished.

If your bumper or grill is non magnetic

1. Check the polarity of the magnets; you want them to attract. Keep track of the polarity as you glue and tape. A marker might help. Label it anyway that makes sense to you.

2. Rough up a patch of bumper a bit larger than the magnet.

3. Mix up epoxy and spread it on the bumper where you want the magnet.

4. Place magnet on epoxy, use masking tape or packing tape to keep the magnet in place till epoxy hardens.

5. Tape other magnet to the electrical cord near the plug, close enough that the two magnets will clamp together firmly. Wait till epoxy has set firmly then test. If the magnets are too strong to remove easily, wrap more tape around the one on the chord.

For another solution to the same problem check out: Keep Your Block Heater Plug From Scratching Your Paint

He's much further north than me.


Materials: 1 or 2 magnets from old hard drives

Electrical tape, masking tape, or packing tape, coarse sandpaper JB Weld Epoxy glue