Introduction: Block Out Unwanted Noise! DIY Automobile Sound Damping


Most vehicles come standard with speakers in the front doors. Unfortunately, doors are all metal and have extra metal structures for windows and door locks. When the door speaker is playing deep notes it vibrates the metal of the door causing unwanted resonance frequencies. To get rid of this noise and other unwanted road noises the door panels have to come off.

Step 1: Remove Door Panels

Here is a quick demonstration on how to make a car's music system sound its best by installing sound dampening sheets. Using the P3 TK 12 tool Kit (268-054), pry off the door panel. Door panels attach to vehicles differently - some have screws and plastic auto body fasteners and some just have plastic fasteners.

Step 2: Create Template

Once the door panel is off, cut a cardboard template the matches the inside of the door. Then cut your sound dampening sheet (we used MX-4 Sonic Barrier Sheets) the same size as the cardboard template.

Step 3: Sticky Time!

Carefully removing the backing from your Sonic Barrier Sheets.

Step 4: Roll Away

Using a rolling tool, adhere and roll the odorless high temperature Sonic Barrier material in place inside the door.

Step 5: The Metal Door Frame Needs Covered Too!

Sonic Barrier UT-4 (268-040) covers this to keep the metal from vibrating and to help block quality sound from leaving the vehicle.

Step 6: Finishing Up

Use Sonic Barrier BDS-15 (268-050) butyl rubber door sealer before and after the install to seal all the joints, small crevices, and to secure any loose mires to the door frame. After reinstalling the door panel, shut the door and notice how solid the door sounds. Compare it to the other car doors and you'll hear the difference!

Step 7: Video Walkthrough