Block Programming With Raspberry Pi Pico

Introduction: Block Programming With Raspberry Pi Pico

I find out, how to program very fast and simple Raspberry Pi Pico. For programming exist block online editor, which offer simple coding using blocks of code. For Pico I find, which is free. In this tutorial, I will show you how to program simple traffic light with playpiper online editor.

Step 1: BOM

For traffic light projetc you will need:

1x Raspberry Pi Pico with USB cabel

3x 330 ohm resistor

1x red, 1x yellow and 1x green LED (5mm)

1x dupont cables, breadboard

Step 2: Wiring

Circuit is simple, just connect digital pins with leds. Don´t forget on resistor, otherwise you can damage.

Connect longer legs of each led to digital pins (13,14,15).

Then connect to short legs of leds resistors, 330 ohms is ok. Then connect all resistors to G (Ground pin).

Step 3: Code

For programming on playpiper you will need chroome or edge. Firefox don´t work.

Open editor and click new project and create program from block.

1. at beginning you will add start block, which is necessary at every program.

2. add from loops - repeat forever violet block

3. from chip - turn pin green block

4. from chip - wait seconds green block

5. set all pins as in picture, set wait blocks as

Step 4: Modife Code

Classic traffic light works a little different. When traffic light change from red to green, red and yellow light together. You can check it in real.

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