Introduction: BlockCode Paper Lamp

In this tutorial I use TinkerCad's CodeBlocks to make basic shape and then use a laser cutter to cut them out in various sizes.


TinkerCad CodeBlocks

CardStock for cutting


string lights (I use the ones from the Dollar Tree) they are $1 each but any

Step 1: 1. Use TinkerCad CodeBlocks to Make a Shape

I have two shapes one is a series of squares the other is a flower type shape. You can make an endless supply of different shapes if you play around with the code. I only made a flat shape and cut in different sizes to make a layered effect.

Step 2: 2. Laser Cut Your Shapes

Use a laser cutter to cut out 7-8 layers of the same shape in decreasing sizes. I start with exporting the SVG file and uploading into my laser cutter. I try to make the first one as large as I can get the size (depends on the size of your cardstock). I then cut using my standard cardstock settings (60% power, 80% speed - seems to work well for me, but you may need to adjust based on your laser cutter for cardstock).

I then load another sheet of cardstock and shrink my design by 1/2", continue to do this until you have 7-8 cut pieces of cardstock.

You can use some of the card stock to make the layers stand up on top of each other. You can also use think double sided foam tape (this is faster than cutting and folding paper) make sure to have the tape or paper raise each layer off the bottom layer by about 1/2" and you will want that raised on at least 4 sides.

Then you can put the lights under the paper. I try to make the string lights go around the outside edge of the paper, but it will shine through even if you just put the lights in the center of the lamp.

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