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Introduction: Warhammer Blood Bowl Orc

About: My name is Thomas and I am from Hamburg (Germany). I studied sculpting and painting at an art academy for 4 years and graduated in oct. 2007. My final assigment was a big machine which sculpted human heads in …

In this project I made an Orc-Player of the Fantasy Football Boardgame Blood Bowl.

The final measurements of this sculpture are 61 x 56 cm (24 x 22 inch).

The original figures of the board game have an average height of 32 mm. :-)

To built this orc I worked with my favorite medium papermache.



- Paper (newspaper, telephone book etc.)

- cardboard

For the Armour plates and shoulder pads.

- Masking Tape

to fix paper, cardboard, teeth, spikes etc.

- White Glue

- Polymere Clay (f. e. Fimo)

to make spikes, nails and teeth.

- an old bed sheet

soaked with glue for covering and detailing the papermached sculpt. After drying it is hard as a rock!

- wire

to create the armature and hold the arms and legs in position.

- acrylics

- clear varnish

to accurate parts and let the mouth and eyes look more alive.

- little plastic bowls or glass eyes

- filler paste

filling the feet to get a stable standing position


- hot glue gun

to fix armour plates,teeth,nails and the other applications. (Must also be fixed with masking tape because the white glue will untie the glue of the gun)

- tongs

- brushes

- scissors

to cut the cardboard

- cutter

to cut the bed sheet in pieces

Step 1: Building the Base Frame

With wire, paper and masking tape I built arms hands and legs.

The handnails i made with fimo and glued them on each finger.

The feet were covered with filler plaste to make them heavier.

With the size of arms and legs I get an idea how big head and body must be modeled.

For these parts I made two balls of crumbled paper fixed with masking tape.

I covered all parts with 5-6 layers of papermache (white glue and water mixed proportional 1:3).

This means pieces of papers soaked with the glue mix and layed on the body parts.

When later covering all with the bed sheet the white glue will be used pure.

When the body parts dried overnight I merge them together in the requested pose.

To be sure to stay in this pose I used some sticks to support until everything is fixed permanent.

At this stage the feet are still to small :-)

Step 2: The Armour Plates

When the frame base is covered with glue soaked bed sheet pieces the work continues with the armour plates on legs and arms.

I cut out in cardboard several plates and glue them with the hot gun on the orc. Slender stripes of cardboard are used to be the armour straps.

The schoulder strap is also made with wire and card board stripes.

The spikes are glued and fixed with masking tape on the armour.

Afterall everything is covered with the cloth mache (glued bed sheets) ;-)

Step 3: The Face and Shoulder Pads

The eyes (red painted plastic hemispheres) are glued on the forehead and with crumbled paper (from telephone book) the contours and characteristics of the orc face is modeled and fixed with tape.The ears are cut out of cardbord and sculpted with paper and tape.

At this stage I realized that the upper jaw wasn´t in the right place. I cut it out, placed it 2 centimetres up to the front and added one tooth on each side. So it looks more proportional.

To create the shoulder pads I took big pieces of thick cardboard, bend them and fixed the parts with the hot gun on the body. Spikes set with hot glue and masking tape.

When the head was already in shape I decided to give him a mohawk haircut. I took bristles of an old broom to create the hair style.

Step 4: Helmet and Football

To get the helmet in sizable shape I layed wires around the head and fixed them with tape. Then I also used thick cardboard to bulk it up. The big spikes at the foreside are cut out of cardboard too.

The rivets on helmet and armour were made out of clay and sticked with glue on position.

The football was made the same way like the orc.Papermache, covered with clothes, sticked spikes of fimo. I also added to glass eyes and wrapped them with small stripes of clothes.

Step 5: Painting and Finishing

The orc was painted with green acrylics and partly mixed with yellow and blue to set lighter and darker highlights on the skin.The area round the eyes is more darker to emphasize the red eyes.

The armour pads are red and the steel parts are a mixture of black and white (painted very rough).

The stripes are finished in a light ocker.

After finishing the main paint job I wash the whole sculpture and the football with a big brush and veeeeery thin black colour. Then before the colour will dry I wipe the colour away with a rag. This will soften the shining colour and

I achieve a realistic look.

When the colour is drily the final paintjob follows with the clear varnish.

Inside the mouth, the teeth and the eyes it makes the face look livelier.

Also used partly on the armour, clothes and skin.

The final hardness of the sculpture will be reached after 3-4 weeks after conclusion.

These are the main steps of making this big Blood Bowl Player :-)

Thank You for reading.

For any questions don´t hesitate to contact me.

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    3 years ago

    This is really impressive! All the layers and details you added really bring this paper mache sculpture to life! Thanks for sharing your craft!!!


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank You for Your motivating response. :-)


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks a lot!