Blood Puddle Pillow

Introduction: Blood Puddle Pillow

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Standard throw pillows just don't cut it around Halloween or other spooky times of year. With some super-soft and plush red velvet and a little time, you can craft a couple awesome blood puddle pillows to up the creepiness factor of your decor.

Note: Inspired by an awesome pillow by FromKeetra

You'll Need. . .
  • Red velvet (a piece about 21" x 44" works well for a single pillow)
  • Tissue or butcher paper (unless you want to free-hand your design without a pattern) and a marker
  • Pins, needles, and thread
  • Sewing machine (optional but suggested)
  • Scissors and/or pinking shears
  • Stuffing

How To
  1. Fold your velvet in half so you have a piece that's 21" x 22" with the right sides (the plush sides) together
  2. Draw out a blood puddle shape on your tissue or butcher paper and cut it out
  3. Pin the paper to the velvet and sew around it leaving a space open to turn and stuff your pillow
  4. Carefully cut around the edge leaving approximately 1/4" border (you can also cut first and then sew, but I like the free-form shape that sewing and then cutting yields)
  5. Turn the fabric right sides out
  6. Fill with stuffing (not too full, but so that it's nice and cushy)
  7. Carefully stitch together the opening you left, hiding the stitches as best you can
  8. Take a faux-gory pictures and lounge around in creepy comfort
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    Chicken Girl
    Chicken Girl

    10 years ago on Introduction

    OMG! This is so hilarious in such a weird-disgusting way!!