Introduction: Blood Pulse Monitor

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I introduce to you my second project for my university. This project can be used to monitor heart beat rate and oxygen levels using the MAX 30100 module and print them to the Nokia 5110 LCD. It also stores these values in a text files using an SD card module. It also gives a warning buzzer sound in case of the values being off the normal needed values according to your age, Which you can enter using the capacitive TTP 229 16x button pad. It also uses the I2C communication function to send these values from one Arduino to another.

Step 1: Parts Required

1- 2x Arduino Uno R3

2- MAX 30100 sensor

3- Nokia 5110 LCD module

4- Jumper Cables

5- Breadboard

6- SD card module

7- Buzzer

8- TTP 229

9- 2x 4.7 Kohm

Step 2: Connections

The connections are available in the picture.

I used the I2C property of the Arduinos to connect them to each other and the sensor at the same time.

Note: The sensor is to be connected directly to the SCL and SDA pins, while the Arduinos are connected to each other through the A5 and A4 pins.

Step 3: The Code

Download these files for the code.

The need libraries are downloadable from these links:

or you can download the zip/rar files included.

Note: You need to include the Graphics.c file in the file which has the Lcd_master.ino in it for the code to upload properly.

Note: in the end of the loop i included a couple of if functions which should activate the buzzer if the heart beat or oxygen levels are off the normal. They all have the same age range right now, but you can change it according to your wish.