Introduction: Bloodsplatters, She Made. Blood on Your Doormat and Rug.

An inexpensive and easy Halloween decoration. Turn your hallway into a bloodbath.

Step 1: What You Need...

You don't need much and if you don't already have it at home, you can get it ilat your local Home improvement store.

- A white rug and/or
- a white or light coloured doormat
- a clear plastic canvas (to protect the floor and the furniture.)
- Acrylic Colours in red (look out for waterbased colours you can dilute with water.)
- Red fabric paint (machine-washable till 60°c)
- Artbrush
- screwdriver (to open the can of acrylic colour)
- a bowl to water down the Acrylic Colour.
- a towl or piece of fabric you dont need anymore (to clean yourself and the brush.)

* If your able to water down your fabric paint you wont need any other acrylic colours. Lucky you. You will need it later for the splatter and blooddrops.
Is used my acrylic paint I had at home for the splatter and drops.
For everything else I used the fabric paint.

* Use an old white rug you wont need anymore. The red stain wont get off again. Lucky me, i got mine on a 60% off sale. So it was around 3€ for me.

* The doormat i got from the one euro Shop (dollar store) and is black. But the bottom side "was" white (now red lol). So it was perfect for me.

*To be safe I bought black fabric paint if the red turned out not to be dark enough. Didn't have to use it, the red was perfectly bloody.

Step 2: Preparations

First, cover everything with the plastic canvas. Floor, Walls and furniture.
I had to because I decided to use the bathroom for this project (I knew I would need the Shower later and the washbasin of course.)

If you do decide to do it outside, ignore all this.

But for everyone else, who use the plastic sheets, dont think about throwing them away later. The bloodier they will look, the better. (I'll tell you later why ^_-)

Next we will prepare the colours. Just read the instructions on the paints for this. For most colours its stir or some shaking and they are ready for use.

Dilute the Acrylic paint with water till its runny. The splatters will look beautiful gory that way.
(See second Photo)

Now decide with which project you want to start. Doormat or Rug.

Step 3: Make It Bloody...

I decided to start with the doormat. Lay it out and think about how it should look at the end.

I started with painting my hands red using the fabric paint, and decorated the doormat with them.
Using your finger and the paint, write out a dying message. "Halloween" was mine. Very telling don't you think so too?

At last I use the Acrylic paint, for the splatter and blooddrops. Take the brush and whip it over the doormat. That makes wonderful Splatter.

Now let the mat dry somewhere. It will take some time.

Step 4: Blood on the Carpet...

Sadly I couldn't take more photos of the steps between and can only present you with the finished rug. But my hands looked like I really murdered someone.

Lets start from the beginning. Your doormat lies somewhere to dry and your plastic sheet is red all over?

Perfect. Roll out your snow white rug and roll 'em around in the red paint on the sheet. It will look pretty accidentally and realistic.

Next paint your feet (with the fabric paint) run over the rug. Some handprints and smears will do nicely on it.

To make it look like something bloody was dragged over the rug, dip a dripping wet rag into the Acrylic paint and scrub and wring it over the rug.

Now for the finishing touch, retrace the dragging marks, footprints, and everything else with the fabric paint. Why? Because the red fabric paint is more intensive than the Acrylic colours.
Again with the paintbrush flick some splatters over the rug.
Now let it dry somewhere.

Now to the plastic sheets, do they look pretty bloody with splatters all over?

Perfect, let 'em dry and later pin them on the wall to make it look like a murder scene. Or over the door entry. Spooky or more like zombie apocalypse.

If you did a throughout job covering the room with the plastic canvas, you will now see. See, I was I had to scrub it clean....murder is not easy...

Step 5: Finish

The last step after your bloody piece of art is dry, is to follow the instruction manual to set it.
Mine I had to iron on a low setting for a while. Dont forget to cover it with a towel or other fabric and use dry heat. No steam.

Additional you can cover your doormat with a colourless varnish / paint spray, to protect it further. And make it more durable.

Tadaaa and its finished. Your own murder scene for Halloween.

(I'm not able to show you the finished hallway with gory plastic canvas over the door and the rug and doormat as its not yet Halloween. I will add them later after the holiday. I just couldn't wait to show you the deko.)

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