Bloody Kid Mask

Introduction: Bloody Kid Mask

1. Blow up a black balloon.

2. Cover the balloon with several pieces of paper mache.

3. After a couple layers of paper mache, start covering the balloon with several layers of plaster. *the more layers the better!

4. After we let the layers dry, we cut the balloon on half. Each side could be used as the base for the mask. Next, trim the mask down to the size and shape you please with scissors or an exacto knife.

5. Cut holes in the mask where you want the eyes to be with an exacto knife. For a nose, I used an old piece of cardboard and glued it onto the mask.

6. After i made the eyes and the nose, I added more layers of plaster to smooth out the edges around the mask, the eyes, and to cover the nose.

7. Finally, the mask is ready to be painted. After the mask is painted

Step 1: 1. Blow Up a Black Balloon.

Step 2: 2. Cover the Balloon With Several Pieces of Paper Mache.

Step 3: 3. After a Couple Layers of Paper Mache, Start Covering the Balloon With Several Layers of Plaster. *the More Layers the Better!

Step 4: 4. After We Let the Layers Dry, We Cut the Balloon on Half. Each Side Could Be Used As the Base for the Mask. Next, Trim the Mask Down to the Size and Shape You Please With Scissors or an Exacto Knife.

Step 5: 5. Cut Holes in the Mask Where You Want the Eyes to Be With an Exacto Knife.

Step 6: 6. for a Nose, I Used an Old Piece of Cardboard and Glued It Onto the Mask.

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