Bloody Slippers

Introduction: Bloody Slippers

Bloody Halloween Slippers, easy, fast, fun and cheap.

Making them didn't use up more than 10 minutes for me. And I got all the things I needed for just 2€ (thats pretty cheap here, let me tell you)

Step 1: What You Need

- Slippers in White (got a very cheap pair for 1€)
- Artificial Blood (also 1€ the bottle. The darker blood was from last Halloween)
- Pipette
- empty bottle
- Rubbing alcohol
- sheet or plastic cover

Tipp: For fun and because I had two different colours of artificial blood at home I used both. If you only have one its also ok. If you have the time and the ingredients you can make homemade artificial blood, with Acrylic Colours.

Tipp: Because I wanted to make some drops and splatters I mixed some of the artificial blood with rubbing alcohol together an empty medical bottle (who also had a pipette included).

Step 2: Slash and Drips

Please use the plastic cover, old newspapers or whatever else you have to protect your working place (I work best on the very nice rug in my bedroom and let me tell you, thank god I used the plastic sheet as cover)

From here on you can free your imagination and "paint" the Slippers in red.
I coloured half of my hand in blood and smeared it over the slippers.
Then drip the thinned Blood with the pipette over the slippers or just slash them. Its fun.
At last I rupped the slippers over the bloodstains on the plastic cover and then together. Very nice smearing effect.

Tipp: If you dont want the inner part of the slippers bloody, use a little plastic sheet or bag to cover them up.

The last step is to let them dry.

Thank you for your attention. If you have questions please ask me.

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