Introduction: Blu-Ray Laser Phaser!

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First time in the world a blu-ray laser from a Playstation 3 has been installed in a Star Trek Phaser! Build one yourself for around $100. I "Boldy go where no man has gone before"! Watch the video and then follow the Steps to build your own!

Step 1: What You Need...

1. A Playstation 3 blu-ray laser assembly. Model KEM-400AAA.
2. A Star Trek Classic Phaser - $30 - Ebay
3. An Aixiz Laser Housing
4. A 9 Volt Battery with clip
5. A 150ohm Resistor
6. Mini Pushbutton Switch - 275-1556 - $2 - Radio Shack

Step 2: Tools You Need...

1. Soldering Iron & Solder
2. Small screwdrivers
3. X-Acto Knife
4. Hot glue or epoxy
5. Dremel
6. Wire
7. Wire snips.
8. Pliers or vice-grips.

Step 3: Extract the Blu-Ray Diode...

If you saw my Laser Flashlight Hack Instructable than the extraction is about the same. The blu-ray diode is pretty easy to locate. There are 2 screws to remove and a small ribbon cable that needs to be cut off. After you have removed the laser mount, you need to scrap away the remaining glue and using a small jewelers screwdriver, GENTLY (I mean gently) tap around the EDGE of the diode housing to free it from the mount.

Step 4: Wiring the Blu-Ray Diode...

This takes extreme care and caution as well as a steady hand and a nice pair of strong reading glasses or magnifying glasses. With quick touches of your soldering iron and using a solder sucker, remove the solder from the small board and remove the small board, You should end up with the raw laser diode. Following the diagram, solder two wires. One to the ground (top pin) and another to the laser diode (far left pin as you are looking at the back of the diode).

Step 5: Finish the Blu-Ray...

You will want to gently install the Blu-Ray diode im the Aixiz laser housing by using a small pair of pliers or vice-grips. NOTE: The wiring to the 9 volt battery clip should be done after you have run the wires to the battery compartment. You will understand when you look at it. The diode should fit flush to the housing. Then, solder the Negative (-) wire to the switch and a wire from the other leg of the switch to the black wire on the 9 volt clip. Then solder the Positive (+) wire from the diode to one end of the Resistor and solder the red wire from the 9 volt clip to the other end of the resistor. Hot glue or epoxy (I use hot glue so if I ever want to remove the Blu-Ray, it's an easy task) the Aixiz housing to the original lightbulb mount.

Step 6: Modifying the Star Trek Phaser

The Phaser comes apart easily with a few screws and by removing the front light bulb assembly. Save the lightbulb housing as that will hold our Blu-Ray laser! Remove the 2 AA batteries. Remove and relocate the original circuit board so it is out of the way. Remove the existing trigger button. You may have to do some cutting with the Dremel to get the switch and Blu-Ray to fit right. Install the lightbulb mount with Blu-Ray and the wiring. Attach the switch and insert the 9 volt battery. You will find the 9 volt is a very tight fit in the case. Close up the Phaser and screw it together. I drilled open the hole in the front lightbulb screwtop to accomodate the laser beam. Now enjoy your new Blu-Ray Laser Phaser! Have fun & Be Safe!

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