Introduction: Blue Cheese on French Toast.

I wanted to try something different, so i thought about ways that i could improve the simple french toast recipe. I then created this a very rich and garlic infused french toast with blue cheese and basil. As delicious as i can tell you that this was i couldn't have more then one slice, It is after all incredibly filling.

Try this recipe for yourself and tell me if you think i have improved the classic or ruined it :).

4 Slices Brown bread

2 Eggs

160 ml of milk

Butter for frying

70g Blue Cheese

1 Teaspoon of cinnamon

Finely Chopped Basil.

a few Cloves of garlic.


Step 1: Egg Mix.

First off your going to need to make your egg mix to coat your bread.

Picture 1. Finely chop a couple cloves of garlic you wont need much.

Picture 2. add your chopped garlic to the 160ml of milk

Picture 3. Add cinnamon to the mix

Picture 4. Add pepper and salt to the mix.

Picture 5. Finally add two eggs and beat well.

You will need to transfer this mixture to a bowl where you can easily dunk your bread.

Step 2: Coating the Bread in the Egg Mix.

Picture 1. Whisk the egg mix until all of the ingredients are incorporated

Picture 2. Have a large bowl the dunk the bread in and a plate where you can rest the bread before it goes in the pan.

Step 3: Pan Frying.

I would recommend using a large heavy bottomed pan, the heavy bottom will stop the butter from burning to quickly.

Picture 1. place a small amount of butter for each slice of bread in the pan and allow it to brown slightly, I didn't measure the amount of butter but its roughly a teaspoon or so per slice.

Picture 2. once the butter is hot and brown its time to add your bread, lay the bread away from you so that you don't splash the hot butter upon yourself. They will need around 3 minutes on each side on a medium heat.

Picture 3. Flip the bread an cook the other side after the bottom is lightly browned and cooked the under side for an additional 3 minutes.

Step 4: Grilling.

Picture 1. Finally rest the french toast in a dish that you can either put in the oven or under the grill. next put on some blue cheese and torn basil leaves.

Picture 2. Leave it in the oven or under the grill until all of the blue cheese has melted i would estimate that this shouldn't take longer then 5 minutes on a high heat.

Step 5: Thank You for Reading.

All of this in total possibly took me 20 minutes or so, because of that i would recommend making it as a breakfast treat and serve it along with all of the other morning condiments. I cant image that its too healthy so i cant say you should have it everyday but it is definitely worth trying.

Thank you for reading , if you have any comments or queries please contact me and I will try to answer them as soon as possible.