Witchy Drinks From Edible Flowers

Introduction: Witchy Drinks From Edible Flowers

Hey guys!

Today's instructable has all the fall witch vibes you need this halloween. Edible flowers, check. Wild ingredients, check. Transfiguration, check. Dark liquids, double check. Earthy scent, super check!

This instructable is about color changing drinks that I made using butterfly pea flowers 💜 The best part is- these witchy brews don't use ghastly food colors but instead come packed with amazing health benefits.

Let's not get into blue-pea-is-the-superfood jiberjabber; the important thing is, the flowers are edible & the possibilities endless with that dark blue tint! The Clítoria ternatea a k.a. blue pea flowers have a subtle earthy taste that is reminiscent of a crisp autumn noon in the deep woods, but mixed with other ingredients it is totally neutralized. Plus the flowers are odor free; The only thing that screams their presence is the fantastic colors they leave behind!

I'll be showing two color changing magical recipes using blue pea flowers. First is a spiced lemonade that goes from light blue to shades of purple-pink. Second is a sweet iced tea that goes from deep blue to indigo-magenta! Pictures don't do it justice so I've recorded a video!

Let's get started!


Ingredients for:

Blue pea water:

- Fresh or dried butterfly blue pea flowers a.k.a. clitoria ternatea (6-8 for a glassful of drink)
- A bowl of steamed water

Spiced blue pea lemonade (recipe #1)
- Blue pea water
- Plain ice
- Pink salt
- Sugar
- Black pepper
- Roasted cumin powder
- Lemon juice ( 2 tsp for each glass)

Use spices & sugar as per your taste, anywhere between a pinch and dash.

Sweet but dark iced tea (recipe #2)

- Blue pea water
- Frozen blue pea water / blue ice
- Honey
- Lemon juice (½ tsp for 1 glass)

Although I'm showing the chilled versions here, you can always skip the ice if you prefer a warm drink.

Step 1: First, the Water Blue

Soak the blue butterfly pea flowers in a bowl of steaming water for around 15-30 minutes. For darker shades you can keep them longer or use more flowers.

Let the water cool down and strain to remove discolored flowers.

You can store this blue pea water in an air tight bottle in refrigerator for around 2 days. But it's best to use immediately.

Step 2: Recipe #1 (Spiced Color-changing Lemonade)

Take a glass and mix together lemon juice, salt, sugar, cumin & pepper.

Layer the ice cubes on top. Don't mix.

Let the magic begin! Start pouring the blue water over the ice. As it touches the lemonade at the base, going through the ice barrier, you can see the color change from blue to purple...and shades of pink as it starts diluting.

Step 3: Recipe #2 (Dark-n-sweet Iced Tea)

Start by filling an empty glass with blue water. The darker the shade, the better it looks.

Mix in a teaspoon or two of honey as per your liking. The liquid will now show subtle metallic shades in a pool of dark blue.

Put in the frozen blue tea/ blue ice

Lastly, add a few drops of lemon juice. As the lemon starts mixing with the tea slowly, the color turns into a deep violet with slightly golden shades!

Step 4: Blue Pea Magic Explained!

As you might have figured out, the secret is combining the lemon juice and the beautiful blue flowers (those little metamorphmaguses them)! Ok, enough of the potterworld references.. let's just say the flowers have an ability to change colors depending on the pH environment. As we know, lemons are acidic, any when the blue tea comes in contact with lemon juice, the blue changes into a brilliant purple..the more acidic the environment the lighter the shade of your drink. By using honey and few lemon drops, I was able to achieve a violet-magenta shade! You can also experiment with different ingredients & take this above & beyond the rainbow.

This is a cool way to keep the kids (and adults) entertained while giving them a quick science lesson and getting them closer to nature. I know you enjoyed this instructable too! Let me know your thoughts in the comments :)

Hasta la próxima!

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    2 years ago on Step 4

    This is an awesome recipe and exciting to make! For sure children will enjoy this one, it's perfect for halloween!!! 🎃🎉