Blue Man Group Trunk & Drumbone

Introduction: Blue Man Group Trunk & Drumbone

Blue Man Group. Probably the most recognized performers out there. Their silent wit, and humor, along with their theatrical flair lend themselves well to the Halloween spirit.

The Blue Man Persona: All that is need to complete the Blue Man is a makeup kit, black clothes and shoes, and blue rubber gloves.
The kit can be purchased from Mehron. Comes complete with spirit gum adhesive, greasepaint, bald cap and powder. ( They create the real makeup for BMG, but it is proprietary to BMG. This color is VERY close though) Order here for a reasonable price. Blue gloves can be found in the paint section of hardware stores. There you go! You're now a Blue Man. Just be sure to walk around silently, curiously poking your nose into your surroundings. You are sure to be a hit with all present!

The Trunk: Just plug in a TV to the back of your car and play a section of a BMG performance! We had our candy, along with some souvenirs from a show that we had been to for "inspiration". Pictures and glowsticks complete the ensemble. :)

The Drumbone: This one was a little tricky. A quick internet search will yield various plans for Blue Man instruments. The main components were PVC, pop rivets, a sheet of natural rubber (found online), and screws. Get yourself a good drummer, and you're in business!

No BMG performance would be complete without some "Blue Man Group-ies", either! If your goal is to impress those around you, look no further! These guys are always a hit! Be sure to stay in character too!

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