Introduction: Blue Mullets Knex Sig 552 (2012) Review

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PLEASE GIVE ME IDEAS ON WHAT GUN TO MAKE NEXT BECAUSE IM TRYING TO LEARN DIFFERENT STYLES OF BUILDING AND KEEP CONTENT AT THE SAME TIME I finally had an excuse to build a blue mullet gun!! If blue mullet himself wouldn't mind leaving a comment if he likes my changes and if he agrees with my choices or not id like to see what he has to say. I decided to build this because of 2 reasons. 1 it is a cool and accurate looking gun 2 IT HAS INSTRUCTIONS! So I set off to build it. Here's what i discovered and some of my opinions.

At first glance it looks like a cool gun but upon closer inspection it looks even cooler. When I built it I did away with the mini knex for the mag well and made up a replacement of my own. I also changed the outer layer because when bm built the sig it wasn't complete on both sides so that had to be fixed as well.

Stats that I got:

Using a few bands I got 45-50 ft ranges at a 45* angle

I could only get 14 rounds in the mag instead of the said 15 and I'm not sure why

14 round blue rod mag with a good mag pusher

The mag imo was the hardest part of the gun on account of it blowing up when I was trying to build it

Problem with the mag sometimes double loading and rarely rounds getting caught in the barrel

Good sights

Surprisingly sturdy stock albeit to short to be comfortable

Good pin pull and trigger but the trigger doesn't want to pull far enough sometimes

Comfortable grips

Sturdy gun overall

The general consensus is:
A sturdy comfortable gun (with a small stock) with good power and range but some small reliability issues this gun is a lot of fun to use and build and is a must make for anyone interested in knex!

Sturdiness 10/10
Comfort 7/10 (mostly the stock)
Power 9/10
Accuracy 10/10

Overall 36/40

Step 1: Modifications List

Pictures correspond with the listed points

Modded mag (y clips added to make the fit in mag well tighter

Mini knex removed (added orange connector with rod caps and green rods on each end that catches on the mag and holds it in place)

Stock changed ( orange connectors added)

Rear outer panels changed (to allow for panels on each side)

Forward Sights (nothing significant)

Front grip (added flexi rods to fill in space and blue clips added)