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Introduction: BlueBox - Plane Tracker

Plane tracker in the cloud and on the ground

Monitoring small planes is hard and expensive. With Intel Edison we can create a low cost box that monitors all the essentials of a plane both on the ground and inflight.

Because real clouds are better than virtual ones.

Created during the April 2016 Intel IoT Hackathon by team BlueBox with Jan Aleman, Sjoerd Timmer, Yerco Jorquera and Karl de Boois

Step 1: Getting the Right Boards for the Processing Platform and the Sensors

The Intel Edison is used because of it's processing power, versatile wireless interfaces and the great support for Node.js using the Intel XDK IoT Edition.

The XDK IoT Edition has all the sample code for the Grove Starter Kit Plus that is used as a full featured prototyping sensors.

Step 2: Putting the Intel Edison and Sensor Together With the LoRaWAN Radio

After assembling and testing the display and sensor from the Grove kit we add the SemTech shield that has the LoRaWAN radio on it.

For the LoRaWAN we would have liked to use the great new family additon from Intel called the Intel Arduino Curie.

Since this was not provided we used an ST Nucleo and Semtech LoRa shield to connect the tracker to the cloud when mobile phone reception is not availble and to switch to beacon mode in case of emergency.

Step 3: The Back-end and Front-end Are Developed Using Servoy

Servoy is a great appserver for IoT in minutes you can create back-end systems that received and process data as well as build front-ends witha great UX. We've submitted the sourcecode to git so you can see it for yourself. Get a free copy of servoy at

Step 4: Deploy the Servoy App on Servoy and Get the Edison Sourcecode for Your Hardware

Get the sources from our Github page and help us to squash the bug from the JavaScript netcode.

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