Bluegill Fishing

Introduction: Bluegill Fishing

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Bluegill are one of the most fun and easy fish to catch. I started bluegill fishing when I was about 3. To this day, I still enjoy bluegill fishing along with bass fishing.

Check my bass fishing guide also.

Step 1: Poles and Tackle

Bluegill will eat anything, literally. Hot dogs, worms, flies, bread, anything.

For bluegill fishing poles, I would recommend a push button reel. Virtually any rod/reel works. Heck, you could use a stick and some fishing line.

Step 2: Location

When I bluegill fish, I look for pipes, rocks, shallow areas, lilypads, moss, weeds, many locations work.

Step 3: Comments

If you have any tips or tricks, post them in the comments section. Thanks for viewing. Check my bass fishing instructable.

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    5 years ago

    this is a very simple instructable.