Introduction: Bluetooth Based Home Automation

This project presents the overall design of Home Automation System (HAS) with low cost and wireless remote control. This system is designed to assist and provide support in order to fulfill the needs of elderly and disabled in home. Also, the smart home concept in the system improves the standard living at home. The project was earlier built using IC P89v51RD2 (8051 series).The IC was configured using bluetooth module HC05. The Software of Flash Magic was used to program the IC and the home automation process used the app BlueTerm .However the use of above mentioned IC requires an external programing hardware which was not readily available. Hence we used Arduino uno which is easily programmable and configurable. In our project the main control system implements wireless Bluetooth technology to provide remote access from smart phone. The system intended to control the operation of fan in house with relatively low cost design, user friendly interface and ease of installation.


1. HC05

2. Arduino Uno

3. L293D

4. Smart Phone

5. BlueTerm App

Step 1: Components Required

1x Arduino Uno

1x Bluetooth Module (for example: HC-05)

1x Smartphone (any Android will work)

BlueTerm application

1x L293D IC

1x DC motor(12 volts)

1x Breadboard

Jumper Cables

Step 2: Bluetooth Connections and Modes

Command mode:

1. Key is now connected to 3.3v,

2. Now remove the Vcc pin of Bluetooth and reinsert it.

3. Now you can see an orange led glowing slowly which indicates that bluetooth is in command mode.

4. Now your HC05 module will respond to all the AT commands.

5. Now set the baud rate 38400 and open the terminal(Using flash magic terminal here).

6. Using AT commands set username and password

Data mode:

1. Keep the key pin open.

2. Now restart the Bluetooth.

3 Orange led blinks fast ie the bluetooth is in data mode.

4. Now when bluetooth is connected to the app red led blinks.

Step 3: Circuit Diagram

connect the circuit as per the diagram

Step 4: Arduino Code

refer the code

run it in Arduino IDE


Step 5: App

download app from

Inputs given from the app:

’0′ – Turns off the DC motor

’1′ – DC motor rotates to right

’2′ – DC motor rotates to left

Step 6: Report

engineers im attaching report for this circuit

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