Introduction: Bluetooth Beanie 3.5mm Earbud Transmitter

About: Im a small time earbuds repairman and I specialize in auxiliary soldering

This instructable tells you how to make a Bluetooth transmitter out of a Bluetooth beanie for making wired earbuds wireless. This is my first instructable so it’s kind of sloppy. Tell me in the comments how to improve this

Step 1: Required Tools and Components

Tools: soldering iron, solder,
Components: Bluetooth beanie, 3.5mm female jack, I used a magic hat Bluetooth beanie that my friend gave me to make him one

Step 2: Disassemble the Beanie

Take out the module from the beanie. Disassemble the case that the module is in and cut the speaker’s wire

Step 3: Find the Positive and Negative Terminals on the 3.5mm Jack

The black wire is the ground wire
The red wire is right
The white wire is left
Red and black go on the same terminal (on my Bluetooth beanie at least)

Step 4: Find the Terminals on the Bluetooth Module

Find which wires go on each side, I first had messed up and put the ground and right on different terminals, but they go on the same one, the positive right terminal. While the left (white) wire goes on the left negative side

Step 5: Solder!

Solder the wires to their appropriate places, I didn’t have a microphone wire so I skipped that terminal

Step 6: Wrapping Things Up

First thing is to burn a hole where the wire can come out of, then cover the hole where the disconnected speaker was, I used cardboard, then tape it all together and then you’re done.

Step 7: Done!!!

You now put the device in pairing mode and connect your earbuds to the jack then listen to something. Another thing you can do is plug in a aux cord and plug the aux to your car or a speaker system and play audio from your phone.