Introduction: Bluetooth Communication Between Two Arduino Esploras

In this tutorial I will show you how to establish a link between two Arduino Esploras and send information back and forth with the push of a button.

Step 1: Things You Will Need.

2x Arduino Esploras.

2x BlueSmirf Bluetooth modules.

8x male jumper wires.

Access to a soldering station.

Step 2: Solder

Now you will need to solder 4x male jumper wires to each one of the BlueSmirf modules.

There are six solder points on each modules we will only be using four.

We will be using the:

VCC - This is your power.

GND - This is your ground.

TX-O - This is your Output.

RX-I - This is your Input.

For my project I used the following color wires for each solder point:





Step 3: Hook Things Up.

To hook the Bluetooth module up to the Esplora plug the other end of the jumper wires into the right row of ports according to the picture.

Do this for both Esploras.

Step 4: Upload the Code.

Download both the .ino files I have provided.

Upload player1 to the first Esplora and player2 to the other Esplora.

After the uploads are complete reset both Esploras by hitting the reset button.

Step 5: Open the Serial Monitors for Both Esploras and Put One of the Bluetooth Modules Into Command Mode.

Once you have both Serial Monitors open. Pick one of the Monitors and make sure the drop down box at the bottom has "no line ending" selected.

Now type "$$$" into the text-box and click submit.

You should get a CMD back. This means you are in command mode.

Now change the drop down box to "NewLine".

In the text-box type "I". This checks for any Bluetooth module that can be connected to.

After about ten seconds you should get back a name of the found device.

Now type "C,Name" replace name with the name of the found device.

You should notice the light on your two BlueSmirfs turn green. This mean they are connected.

Step 6: Now Hit the Bottom D-Pad Button.

By hitting the bottom D-Pad button you will send a message back and forth between the two Esploras.

Thanks for reading!

Step 7: Optional: Customize

Customize your Esplora. For Example, I use what would be trash and make a nice D-Pad cover.