Introduction: Arduino Bluetooth Controlled Car

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It is my Bluetooth control car

Step 1: How to Make Android Bluetooth Control Car With Arduino

Watch the Video First

It is Part 1

Step 2: Video Part 2

Watch the video and you will understand every thing.

Step 3: Gear Motor

I Have Used Old Car Gear Motor

you can use this type of motor

Buying Link:

Step 4: Motor Driver

I have used L298N Motor Driver


You can use L293D also


Step 5: HC-05 Bluetooth Module

I have used HC-05 Bluetooth Module


You Can use HC-06 as well


Step 6: Micro Controller

I am Using Arduino Uno R3 Board


Step 7: 4v Lead Acid Battery

I have used 4v lead Acid Batteries 2 of in Series So, it will give 8v max

Lead Acid Battery Link:

You Can Use Lipo Battery For Better Performance

Lipo Battery Link:

Step 8: App for Controlling the Car

Step 9: Circuit Diagram

It is the total circuit diagram.

**one thing you have to note that when you are uploading the code then the Bluetooth module's Rx and Tx pin should be opened


Link 1:

Link 2:

Hope You Understand What I am saying.
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