Introduction: Bluetooth Controlled Car

Summary of the steps:

1. Install the " Arduino Bluetooth RC Car" application using the link below:

2. Download the Arduino .ino code and the schematic

3. follow the schematic to solder all the part together

4. compile the Arduino code to your Arduino board

5. 3D print a body for the car using the provided STL file (optional)

6. Attach the printed body to the frame of the car and your done.

List of components:

- 1 X Arduino pro mini or Arduino nano

- 2 X 6V DC motors (left and right)

- 1 X 24g servo (for steering)

- 1 X L298 H-bridge module

- 1 X Bluetooth Module (HC-06 or HC-05)

- 2 X white LEDs

- 2 X red LEDs

- 2 X 1kΩ Resistors

- 2 X 220Ω Resistors

- 2 X On/Off switch

- 1 X 64x32 Oled display (0.49")

- 4 X wheels

- 1 X frame (prebuilt or custom)

- 10 X 1m wire

- 1 X perfboard (optional)

- 1 battery (powerful enough to supply the motors)

*Important Note: You need to know howto solder components together.

Step 1: Prepare Your Chassis

In this step, you need to assemble your prebuilt chassis or start making your own.

Keep in mind that it needs to support 2 rear motors in the rear and a steering system with a servo in the front.

Step 2:

3D print your car body and paint it. You can make your own design or use mine if your chassis has the same dimensions as my design.

Step 3:

Prepare all the needed electrical components and tools and arrange them on your workspace

You are going to need tools like:


-wire cutter

-soldering iron

-soldering wire

-soldering helping hands


-utility knife

Step 4:

Solder wires to the following components: the 4 LEDs, OLED screen and the two switches

After soldering attach the components mentioned above in their specific location in the body of the car as shown in the images.

Step 5:

Upload the provided code to your Arduino. If you are using an Arduino pro mini you need to use a UB to TTL adapter to upload your code.

Step 6:

Solder wires to the remaining components and connect all of the components together on the chassis using the following order:

1) attach the battery

2) attach the motors

3) attach the servo

4) attach the H-bridge module

5) attach the Arduino pro mini

6) connect the Bluetooth module to the Arduino

7) connect the remaining components to the Arduino using wires and by following the provided schematic

**DONT connect all of your components like shown in the second picture, make sure that you take time to organize all of the components to make soldering easier.

Step 7:

Manage and organize all of the wires so that you can easily locate a problem when the car isn't working

Step 8: Final Step

Close your car and download the controller app to your phone using the link below:

After you have downloaded the app pair the app with your Bluetooth module and you are done!

That's all,

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