Introduction: Bluetooth Controlled Car With Arduino

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It is easy to make and to make it you just need a bit knowledge in computer programming and some creativity and you will get success

Step 1: Get All the Things You Need to Make This

1. Arduino Uno board

2. L293D motor driver

3. HC-05 bluetooth module

4. A bunch of jumper wires

5. 4 dc motors which would be compatible with your car chassis

6. A chassis ( you can also make it at home but I bought it )(I would suggest a wooden chassis which I used, as it will decrease the causes of having a short circuit )

7. A power source (I used a power bank of 10400 mah to make the car chargeable )

8. A USB cord to connect the arduino uno board to the computer for uploading the code and also for connecting it to a power bank if you use one as a power source

9. A hot glue gun

10. A double sided tape ( although I used a normal tape but still i would suggest a double sided tape)

11. Obviously you need a smart phone with an app whose link you will find below

click on this to get the app

Step 2: Making of the Circuit

Construct the circuit as per the given circuit diagram

Step 3: Add the Code to the Arduino

Now connect the circuit with your pc by the USB port note the RX and TX opins coming from the bluetooth module should be plugged out from the arduino board while uploading the code

Open your arduion IDE and paste the code given below and upload it into your arduino

void forward()
{ digitalWrite(10, HIGH); digitalWrite(11, LOW); digitalWrite(12, HIGH); digitalWrite(13, LOW); }

void backward() { digitalWrite(10, LOW); digitalWrite(11, HIGH); digitalWrite(12, LOW); digitalWrite(13, HIGH); }

void left() { digitalWrite(10, HIGH); digitalWrite(11, LOW); delay(100); digitalWrite(12, LOW); digitalWrite(13, HIGH); }

void right() { digitalWrite(10, LOW); digitalWrite(11, HIGH); delay(100); digitalWrite(12, HIGH); digitalWrite(13, LOW); }

void Stop() { digitalWrite(10, LOW); digitalWrite(11, LOW); digitalWrite(12, LOW); digitalWrite(13, LOW); }

void setup() { Serial.begin(9600); pinMode(10, OUTPUT); pinMode(11, OUTPUT); pinMode(12, OUTPUT); pinMode(13, OUTPUT); }

void loop() { while (Serial.available()) { char ch =; if (ch=='F') { Serial.println("Forward"); forward(); } else if (ch=='R') { Serial.println("Right"); right(); } else if (ch=='L') { Serial.println("Left"); left(); } else if (ch=='B') { Serial.println("Backward"); backward(); } else if (ch=='S') { Serial.println("Stop"); Stop(); } delay(100); } }

Step 4:

Now switch on the circuit and install the app in your smartphone from the link given in step 1 and then allow the app to connect with the circuit through bluetooth ( the default name would be HC-05) it will also ask for password which is either 0000 or 1234 then click on controller mode and then in the upper right side of your smart phone you will find settings click on that and set the default values of the buttons as per the given pictures

Step 5: Finished

Now enjoy your car

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