Introduction: Bluetooth Controlled LED Using Arduino Uno

This project is about controlling LED lights using Arduino and a Bluetooth app. I have used Arduino Uno for this project but you can use any Arduino board. Download this source code and upload it to your board before starting the project


Arduino Uno

Bluetooth module HC-06

LED lights


Male to male jumper wires

Step 1: Connect Arduino Board and the Breadboard

Connect Arduino's 5v and ground pin to the breadboard using the jumper wires

Step 2: Connect Bluetooth Module and Arduino

Place the HC-06 module on the breadboard. And then do the following connection using the jumper wires

VCC-pin 5v

gnd-gnd pin

Tx-digital pin 0(rx)

Rx-digital pin 1(tx)

Step 3: Make LED Connections

Place the led lights on the breadboard and then give the following connections for the led positive pin.

LED1- pin 3



connect all the led negative pins to the ground of the breadboard

Step 4: Power Up Arduino

Connect your Arduino board to the pc using the USB cable. you can also use a separate adapter to power up the Arduino. The led in Bluetooth module should turn on, if not check the connections again.

Step 5: Open the App

Open the Bluetooth app and click the Bluetooth icon

Step 6: Connect Arduino and HC-06

Turn on Bluetooth on your phone. Connect with Hc-06 module. The password is usually 1000 or 1234.

Step 7: Enjoy the App

The Bluetooth app shows status as 'connected' if it is connected with the module. If it did not get connect try to reconnect with the module. The led turns on when ON button is pressed and turns off when off button is pressed.