Introduction: Bluetooth Controlled RGB Light

Was there times when you wanna change the color and brightness of the your house light with just a few touches on your phone? Good news is--this can be done easily using a Bluetooth-enabled microcontroller like Ameba RTL8722 from Realtek. Here I am gonna show you just how~


  • Ameba D [RTL8722 CSM/DM] x 1
  • Android / iOS smartphone

Step 1: Connection

Refer to the picture above to create connection between microcontroller and RGB light

Step 2: Code

Code is caring done for you already, just use arduino IDE to download ameba board package and library ( for details please refer to the official guide at

Then follow the picture above to download the code into ameba board.

Step 3: Demo

For this project, a smartphone app is used to transmit commands over BLE UART to control the PWM outputs and change the color of a RGB LED.

Thus, ensure that the required app is installed on your smartphone, it is available at:

– Google Play Store:

– Apple App Store:

Open the app on your smartphone, scan and connect to the board shown as “AMEBA_BLE_DEV” and choose the controller -> color picker function in the app.

Using the color selection wheel, saturation, and brightness sliders, choose a desired color and click select to send the RGB values to the board. You should see the RGB LED change to the matching color.