Introduction: Bluetooth Ear Protection

This Instructible will show how I made a pair of Bluetooth headphones with hearing protection.

Who will benefit from this-Motorcyclists who already have a Bluetooth headset. Those who work long hours in high noise environments. Those that need to stay in contact with others in a high noise environment.

Step 1: Equipment Needed

Equipment needed
Ear protection with deep ear pockets. I used the Howard Leight L2f but others will work

Bluetooth motorcycle intercom. I already had a Sena 10c but any brand that uses an adhesive mount should work.

Small zip ties

Step 2: Speaker Placement

Remove the padded ear surrounds from the ear protection. The L2f is held in by several small clips that pop right out.

Most motorcycle headset speakers have a separate wiring harness. Remove this from the main comm unit.

The speaker wires will be two different lengths. The speaker with the long wire goes to the right side. Press fit the speaker into the foam. Friction will hold it in place. Replace the padded ear surround. Then do the same with the left side speaker and the shorter wire.

Step 3: Affix the Wiring

Route the Right speaker wire up and over the headband. Fasten with small zip ties. Make sure you leave plenty of slack in the areas where the ear protection adjusts its size. Same with the left wire.

Step 4: Attach the Mounts

The Sena 10c uses an adhesive mount. This adhesive is VERY strong so once you push it tight to the ear cup it's not coming off. Make sure you have it positioned right the first time.

The mounting surface needs to be very clean in order to insure a good bond. Press fit the mount to the Left ear cup and hold for about 10 seconds very firmly.

The microphone mount goes above the comm mount at about the 10 o'clock position shown in the pic. (Other comm units have the mic attached to the comm mount so you can skip this step)

Step 5: Attach the Comm Unit

Attach the comm unit to the mount, plug in the speaker and mic wiring harness and you are done with the project.

Now all you have to do is pair your phone to the headset (follow your manufacturers steps here) and enjoy listening to music in a high noise environment.

Misc Notes-This is certainly not the cheapest way to get bluetooth music into ear protection. But this unit will also let you make and receive phone calls, make and receive texts, use the personal assistant (Siri, Google, Cortana), Navigate, and any other voice command, all hands free. Almost all of the Sena bluetooth units can be used for this, from the SMH5 at the low end, on up to the 30k at the high end. If you are motorcyclist and already have one of these comm units, it's a great way to get added use out of it. You could even turn it into a simple pair of bluetooth headphones by taking the foam out of a cheap pair of ear protection muffs.

Hope someone finds this useful.