Introduction: Bluetooth Glove: Version 3.0

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A glove with a bluetooth module built-in to receive calls while you are on bike or car, In a cool new way.

Step 1: Materials Needed:

-A Glove
-A Push button
-Soldering Iron
-Soldering wire
-Most importantly a cheap bluetooth headset (which you are happy to experiment with)

Step 2: Preparing All the Parts

-Crack open the headset with a knife and remove the circuit board with its component fixed.
-You will get speaker, mic, battery, a charging port.

Step 3: Extending the Components

-Extend the reach of speaker & mic by soldering extra wire.
-Extend the onboard button & charging port likewise. (As it is difficult to use the onboard button once it is on the glove, same for charging port).

Step 4: Arranging the Parts

-Arrange the speaker and mic in the right place in the glove and sew them to fix them in a place.
-Speaker in the thumb.
-Mic in the index finger or pinky finger.
-If you want you can place the the circuit board in a plastic film & seal it to make it waterproof (COOL!) & extend the wires through it.
-The other option is to put epoxy adhesive on the whole circuit board, to make it rigid and give it strength, as the wires through circuit board are very delicate.

Step 5: Finishing Up

-Place the circuit board in lower part of the glove and sew it to fix it.
-Sew the push button and charging port.
-Volla! Done.

Step 6: Charging Up

Step 7: Testing the Glove

-Push the power button for 3sec to turn on the power.
-Connect with your cell phone having bluetooth.
-Now make a call to check speaker and mic.
-Best of luck with yours.
-Any queries are welcome.

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