Introduction: Bluetooth Maze

Everybody knows it and played it even once. The maze where you have to get to the end without falling down. At first there was the physical game to train you coordination, but then when Iphone and co got on the market it was one of the first apps on the marktet. My idea was to make the bridge between digital and physical world and design a physical game thats controlled via bluetooth from the smartphone.

Step 1: Hard/soft-ware

before i thought about the design, the first step was to think about the realisation.

for the technical part you will need:


1x -arduino Minini Pro ( first i used the UNO because its easyer to programm it)

1x -Bluetooth modul HC6 (think it is also working with the HC5)

2x polysterol 140*140*1mm (or any other 1mm slippery material)

2x - 9g mini servo

1x- battery or akku to power an arduino

- some screws to fix the servos


- Arduino Idle

-App Inventor 2 account

Step 2: Design and Material

i choose the classical design istead of a circled or polygonal. you can scale the project in the size you want but my 3d printer has a printing area of 140 x140 millimeters so thats the boundary of my maze-game.

for the case you will need:

-4x - 30mm x 140mm wood.

-4x - 5x11x5 bearings (

-hotglue (optional plastic glue!!!)

-3d printing parts

Step 3: App Inventor 2

there are many ways to programm the app but i choose app inventor 2 because it makes the bluetooth connection very easy.


the principle is to connect to the bluetooth and then send 4 different values to the arduino.

Step 4: Arduino

the circuit diagramm is very easy and it works fine.

the code is also not that bad.

Step 5: Build

-first thing is to 3d print the stl files

- print the pdf and cut the holes out of the polysterol

-put the the parts together like in the picture description

- glue the wooden frame together

- after testing the axes fix glue the bootom to the wooden frame

- optional you can color the maze i sprayed mine light grey

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