Introduction: Bluetooth Nintendo NES Controller Using Wiimote!

Willing to play retro-games on my PC or Mac I wanted to use the classic NES pad!

I know Wiimote works well with both so why re-inventing the wheel.

The problem is how to fit a "big" wiimote into a classic NES controller without changing the external aspect!

What you'll need:

- A NES controller

- A Wiimote

- A soldering iron

- Two AAA batteries. (because you find them everywhere on the planet)

- A red SMD LED

- A reed sensor

- Good eyes

- Non shaking hands!!!

Step 1: Identify the Buttons Pins

Once you'll have open your Wiimote, you'll need to identify where are the test points connected to all the buttons on the other side of the PCB.

I have added a picture to help you for the arrows.

It is pretty small...

Step 2: Trim Down the Wiimote and Solder the Wires.

Once you know where are all the buttons, you'll need to cut it!!!

On the top to remove all the directional cross and at the bottom to remove the connector.

A dremel tool is very recommended!

Then you can solder the wires to the test points for all the buttons.

I also have added a reed sensor for the "connect" button because of the limited number of buttons

on the NES controller and we do not use it very often too.

You'll just need a magnet to use the "connect" function if needed!

And the NES pad will remain intact ;-)

I also kept the vibration system.

Step 3: The NES Controller Enclosure and PCB

You'll have to "clean" it a lot to make space otherwise the two PCBs and the batteries won't fit in it!

The batteries will be located on top of it.

Regading the PCB, you'll need to cut it a little bit on top to let some room for the AAA batteries.

Step 4: Assembling the Two PCBs

Then connecting the buttons from the wiimote to the NES controller is just a piece of cake!!!!

I have removed the first LED on the Wiimote to put it on top of two wires to be able to relocate it.

Step 5: Red Status LED

As I said previously I have moved the first status LED ( first on the left here) and replaced it by a red one.

When you put it in the tiny hole close to the directional arrows you'll be able to barely see it by transparency.

It is very useful to know if your pad is connected or not and do not alter the classical shape of the controller.

Step 6: Enjoy!

Now you can enjoy your Classic NES Controller fully compatible with Wii, IOS devices, Mac, PC, Android...

Let me know if you have any questions.