Introduction: Bluetooth Arduino Remote Control Car RC

Making of this car is not that much hard if you have some knowledge in this subject and the parts + tools needed. Basically this car is controlled by an Arduino UNO board. The connectivity with the android device is build up by using a Bluetooth module. (Watch the video) I'm not going to talk about the camera part here, because I'm using an old android phone as a camera with an IP camera app.

Step 1: What Do You Need...?

I'm mentioning only the important things here. Apart of these, you'll need rubber bands, clips, nuts, glue tape.. etc.....

  • Arduino UNO board
  • L298N motor driver IC
  • Servo motor
  • HC-06 Bluetooth module
  • Small breadboard
  • 2 x Motors with wheels
  • 2 x Wheels for front ( I found these two from an old toy car)
  • Solid plate for chassis ( I have used a wooden sheet. You can use an acrylic sheet, MDF or metal sheet or something applicable)
  • A power supply more than 5V ( I have used a power bank of max current of 1A)
  • jumper wires

Step 2: Fixing the Wheels

Next we have to Fix the wheels in a solid way to the board. Fixing the rear wheels are easy than the front wheels. You can use your own way to fix the rear wheels in a comfortable way as the materials you have. Look at my one and get an idea.

Next the front wheels.. Bit hard & must be solid. Look at the sketch and get an idea about how it works. These two wheels are fixed to the chassis from the points where I have put no 1 in the sketch. The wheel is rotating over this joint. so this must be a smooth joint in low friction. Then you have to joint the two front wheels with a rod and it must be bit behind from the middle axis of the wheels. Then connect the servo motor to that rod as in the sketch. Make sure to keep the servo axis and the wheel axis in a same line. Otherwise this wont be work smoothly. The joints where I have put number 2 in the sketch are also soft joints. Make sure that the servo is not moving relative to the chassis to a small push. Give a small power from your thumb and see whether its moving or shaking. OK!!! the hard part is done..!!!

Step 3: Wiring and Connections

Using a breadboard is the most easiest way for this project. First power up the power rails of your breadboard with the power supply. Then connect the Bluetooth module to the breadboard as in the picture. Connect the power and GND pins to the power rail. All the pins are marked there in the HC-06 module. Connect the Bluetooth RX to arduino TX and Bluetooth TX to arduino RX.

Then the servo, Servo is also needed to power up with 5V line. connect them respectively to the power rail. then the remaining pin of servo is to get the arduino signal. connect that pin to arduino pin 9.

You need to identify the pins in the L298N motor driver IC. They are identical as all the pins are mentioned there in the board. you have to connect this one also to the power line. then connect the motor wires to the power out of the motor driver. I have connected both motors together. If you are connecting them separately to the two outputs, you have to change the arduino code a bit. Then connect the arduino signal pins to the motor driver. Connect then to the arduino pin 5 and pin 6. (when you are running the car, if it goes to the opposite way, change the pin 5 to 6 and 6 to 5)

If you are powering up the components and the arduino board from different power sources, keep in mind to connect all the GNDs together.

Step 4: Codes and the App

Time to play with the car. Upload this code to the arduino board and install this app to your android device.

Have fun!!!