Introduction: Bluetooth Home Automation With Arduino:VOICE

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OH! the expenses of luxury home automation by voice
have you ever wanted to build a home automation system that worked on voice command

Well look no further this is your one stop for home automation by VOICE

The system is based on the popular arduino development platform and the inexpensive HC -05 Bluetooth module.
It uses android as the voice recognition system

So let's get started!

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Step 1: The Hardware

We only need three things for this project

The arduino any model for the control of the leds, and possibly relays
Hc 05 bluetooth module for comunication with the android phone
an android phone (obviously)

Step 2: the Main Setup

Now the images pretty much self explanatory
But long image short
Bluetooth module tx - arduino 10
Bluetooth model rx - 11
led ground common and vcc to

NOTE : the bluetooth module is a hc-05 but fritzing didn't have the image

Step 3: The Code

The code is pretty simple
Just download the attached file and open it in the arduino ide
Then upload it

Step 4: Using the App and Extras

download the amr voice app from the play store and open it. connect the Hc 05 module password 1234 or 0000 and speak one of the commands in the code

  • light on/off - p# 2
  • fan on/off - p# 3
  • bedroom fan on/off - p# 4
  • bedroom lights on/off - P# 5
  • on/off - p# 13
  • flash on/off - p# 6

to make this a standalone make your own arduino ( also to save money )
there is a wealth of info online

here's a link :

you don't need the ftdi converter just program the chip pull it off the arduino and put it on the standalone board

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