Introduction: Add a Speaker to Your Bluetooth Speaker.

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Hi everyone,

Today I will be showing you how to add an external speaker to your bluetooth speaker. Then if you like, you will be able to turn off your bluetooth speaker while still using your auxilary speaker or speakers. You may ask; why would you do this? The reason is, you can connect, say your surround sound speakers or your big boom box to it and by doing that you can eliminate the cord going from your ipod/phone to your speakers. So all of your speakers will be able to be controlled by bluetooth. You may also ask: Why would you do that when you can connect a bluetooth module to your speakers and then your speakers are always bluetooth. And you eliminate this bulky "bluetoothifier". There are advantages in each way, but this way is MUCH cheaper (it didn't cost me a penny) and more simple. Besides it does not ruin anything. You can still use both sets of speakers just as you did before, if you want to.

All you will need for this instructable is:

A bluetooth speaker

Female headphone jack

Little switch

Sodering iron and soder

Some wire

So lets get started! First take your bluetooth speaker apart and find the wires that go from the circuit board to the loud speaker. Now figure out where you want to have your female headphone jack. Soder whatever length of wire that you need to circuit board where the speaker wire joins the circuit board. My jack was mounted beneath the board so I sodered them to the bottom of the circuit board. If your jack will be above the board then soder them to the top of the board right with the speaker wires are. Drill a hole the same size as your jack, through the side of the speaker and fasten your jack in that hole. Then connect the wires that you added, to the headphone jack.

Step 1: The Switch

This step is opptional but is allows you to turn off the loud speaker on the bluetooth speaker, while the unit remains on. This allows you to control your auxilary speakers with no sound comeing out of the bluetooth speaker.

Cut one of the two wires going from the circuit board to the loud speaker and add a switch to it. If necessary, lengthen those wires so that the switch is able to reach the side of the speaker. Make sure that all your soder joints are very well done. Now make a hole in the side, large enough to accomadate your switch. This is rather difficult so take your time and try your best not to mar the speaker's finish. Now put your speaker together and you have completed your project! Now you have a port that can be used as a line out to your extra speakers. If your extra speakers do not have a male headphone jack on them, then soder one on.

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