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Introduction: Bluey Wallet

A small calf leather wallet machine stitched with waxed cotton thread with raw edges.

Hand stiched on stars are from swarovski elements.

Inspiration: Needed a new purse and really like what the stars and moon trends.

Why I made it: Had some leftover navy calf leather to work with and came out with a simple drawing with positions of where all the slots are positioned before measuring, cutting and assembly.

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Step 1: Measuring and Prep

Measure a dollar note and some cards that you intend to put in the wallet. ( or use the measurements provided in my diagram )

Map out how the dollar note and cards will be placed on a piece of A4 paper and add seam allowance of 5 to 7mm or any allowance you are comfortable working with. Extras can be trimmed at the end of project.

Step 2: Position Pins

Firstly, place panel C on a flat surface and fold it in half.

Use a hammer and flatten folded area to reduce bulk.
Once satisfied with fold, place panels A and B onto your desired layout or per diagram and pin with large paperclips to position all the pieces in place.

Step 3: Sewing Each Panel On.

Sew each panel on per diagram. Leave a comfortable gap between raw edge and stitches to have room for error.

Step 4: Last Bits of Tidying

Once finish sewing, trim off access seams and tidy up all the raw edges to match.

You can embellish any parts of the wallet with hand stitching anything on as you like and you are done!

Would love to see some photos of your creation down below.

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    5 years ago

    It looks good :) These are also really fun to make out of duct tape.