Introduction: Blynk Arduino Multiple DS18B20 Thermometer Display on IOS or Android

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This project uses the Blynk app on an iOS or Android device to display the values of several DS18B20 sensors.

Step 1: Display Several DS18B20 Sensors Using Blynk on IOS or Android Device

This is a follow up project from my First Project, that was made to display one sensor. I had a request to adapt the code to allow for more than one sensor to be displayed. This is it.

Step 2: The Code

There are two bits of code here. You will need the one to read your sensor numbers first and make a note of them. Then you need to fill in those numbers in the second bit of code to identify the sensors. The code just processes all the sensors it can find on the bus, till it finds no more and then starts from the first sensor again. The code sends out the data on the virtual pins V5 to V11. You must change this to suit your needs. If you use less than 7 sensors, delete the extra parts of code associated with them. If you you more you will need to add on more.

Step 3: The Wiring.

The sensor data is sent to pin 7. You should have one 4k7 resistor between the data and 5 V pin. For more details on how to wire up the DS18B20 sensor, see my First Project.

Step 4: This Is Work in Progress

The Arduino will send out the data on V5 - V11(for 7 sensors). In the Blynk app configure your sensor displays to use those Virtual pins.

I will still refine this project when I have some more time. Feel free to ask, if you have problems with this Instructable.

Thank you.

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