Introduction: Board Game - MakeyMakey

At the occasion of the BuildNight organized by Instructables and MakeyMakey, we did a game.

It was pretty difficult to do something revolutionnary. We didn't want to make something with just fruits and music. So after a long brainstorming and after tame the MakeyMakey board, we decide to make a board game.

It is a game like the "jeu de l'échelle" or "jeu de l'oie", the rules are quite simple: Launch the dice, go to the corresponding case.

But we will some traps.

If you go to a specific case, you have to do a special action.

Per example: Go 3 cases back, go 2 cases forward.

It contain some mini-game to use the MakeyMakeys functionnalities. It is an evolutive game and the limit is your imagination.

So let's get start...

Step 1: Specifications

We began to think about the rules, the traps and mini-games.

So we wanted:

*** Special cases ***

- Traps cases. to do some negative actions

- Bonus cases to do some cool actions

- Normal cases, with or without action.

*** Mini-Games ***

- Finger path. You have to follow a path with the finger and it's timed.

- Donkey Tail. You have to put the tail on the right place.

- Fruits command. Keyboard arrows are replaced by fruits.

- Buttons. Anytime, you have to touch a special zone.

- Pick the pieces. With chinese chopsticks, you have to pick some pieces and don't touch the border.

Step 2: The Board Design

So after all these specifications, here you can find the board.

There are 8 differents zones.

Yellow are for bonus actions

Red are for negative actions.

The rest are for some action, per example: mini-games, dice, ground, etc.

Step 3: Make the Boards

We use our lasercut to do the boards quickly.

You can find in attachment the pdf pattern ready to cut.

Step 4: Make: Mini-game Finger Path

Use conductive tape to follow the traced path.

There is a small hole to pass the "wire".

Place aluminium foil in a corner for the ground.

Step 5: Make: Mini-game Buttons

Paste aluminium foil on the board.

Place the ground on the board bottom.

Step 6: Make: Mini-game Donkeys Tail

Cut a small aluminium foil to have the same form as the tail.

Make a small wire with the foil and pass it in hole.

Step 7: Make: Mainboard

So... it was pretty long to do the pattern.

Put the to plates together. Trace the windows on the bottom and trace the square with a pencil. Now you have the template and you know where are the cases.

The difficulty is to have just one piece of aluminium. If you have few parts, the electric contact is bad.

So, good luck.... ^^

When you're done, glue the bottom of the top plate and assemble them like a sandwich

Step 8: Connexions and Software

There are a lot of cables but connect one by one to the makey makey.

You haven't enough available letters on the MakeyMakey to connect all the cables.

You have to remap the inputs.

To do that, go to: and follow the instructions

To play the game, we use scratch, because it's open and it will be easy for you to make you own game.

Our (draft) game is here:

Yes we know, it's not very beautiful and there aren't all the functions, but you get the idea.