Introduction: Board Game Table

This is my first ever instructable guide. Recently I moved out of my parents house and I found out that I needed a new "all purpose" table. Instead of buying one, I decided to try making one myself. Please share if you decide to make your own game table (Sorry for any english mistakes, its not my mother tongue)

Step 1: Table Design

Usually I start any project creating a 3D design using Google Sketchup. That way I'm able to try diferent options without wasting material. Once corretions to the model have been made, I create a "list" (to the right of the image) of every single piece of the model with the specific size. This helps me a lot during the wood cutting process.

(I added the stl file, feel free to download it an use it for your own projects)

Step 2: Cutting the Wood

After buying the wood (I used mostly 1" pine), I cutted the pieces for the main structure. I don't have any power tools other than a drill at home, so before making my design I checked out diferent wood sizes available at my supply center and adjust the design to take as much profit of those. That way I made only the smaller transversal cuts.

Step 3: Adventuring With Joints

I wanted to avoid using nails as much as possible so I tried making some joints. In this case the finger joint worked well for me and I love the way I looks in the finished table.

Step 4: Finishing the Frame

I finish the joints and ensemble the rest of the frame. I wanted to add 6 "drawer like boards" to the table. Soy you might notice some large holes at the frame. I didn't cutted out those holes from the wood, but I joined some 1" x 1" wood sticks to complete the frame.

Step 5: Lower-inside Frames

The wood boards I wanted to add to the table needed some inner frames too. I made some half-lap joints this time to support the center pieces. There are missing some some pieces in this picture but you will see them in the next one.

Step 6: Upper-inside Frame

After finishing lower frames, I added the upper ones to the structure. This frames have a double purpose. One is to create an inner frame to set the board games, and the other one is give the necesary support to the table legs. The table legs were the most dificult part of the project. I was nervous not to make them strong enough so I used car bolts to put the pieces together. I didn't want the bolts to be visible, so I made a bigger hole with the drill half the way into the wood to hide them.

Step 7: Adding Some Color

I filled some holes using a sawdust and glue convination as a filler and added some color using alcohol based wood dye. This was the most eco-friendly option I found in the market and it protects the wood nicely.

Step 8: Adding the Center Main Board

I was a little concerned with the table weight so I used a lighter 5mm plywood to add the center board. I also made a removable frame using round molding. This way I can put in some color clothing and change it in case it gets dirty. Finaly, I added the upper frame using glue and some hiden nails. To hide the nails, I cutted out the nail heads and inserted them into the wood. Finaly I fixed the wood using a hammer.

Step 9: The Side Boards

I created some side boards using "L" shape molding and some plywood. I wanted this boards to put the drinks. This way, I somehow protect my board games from people spilling a drink over them. I gave the boards the same color to hide them al little bit when we are not using them.

Step 10: Covering the Table

Finaly, I added the table covers and varnish the table with alcohol based varnish to give it some nice looks.

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