Introduction: Bob Marley Flashing Colour Changing Bottle

Welcome to my first Instructables project! I got the idea after I finished the drink, which is really good :) , and I thought "Man, this bottle is too nice to just throw away". This project is extremely easy to do, and only takes about an hour. Any bottle can be used, but try to stay clear of transparent bottles because the light won't look as nice. This is an extremely cheap inexpensive fun project that anyone can do, all the parts and tools are very common, and mostly everything can be substituted if you don't have exactly what you need. This is definitely much cooler than a lava lamp!

Step 1: Tools and Materials


  • Empty Marley's Mellow Mood bottle (or any other)
  • 1 colour changing RGB LED
  • Switch (make sure it will fit your lid)
  • Velcro
  • Battery (I used a old 9v which output about 4v instead)
  • Solder and glue sticks
  • Wires


  • Glue gun (I used a butane torch to heat up the glue sticks instead)
  • Soldering iron (I used a butane torch instead)
  • Scissors
  • Pointy object to make hole for switch

Step 2: Mounting Switch

Find a spot on the cap of your bottle that you would like to put your switch on. Use a pointy object to pierce through the cap, and adjust the size till your switch can comfortably fit through and turn on and off. Apply glue to make sure it stays in place, but do not over-do it. Make sure your switch isn't on the edge of the cap because the rim of the bottle fits in there.

Step 3: Solder Connections

Solder either leg of the LED onto the switch, play around with the pins on your switch if you don't know which to connect it to, test the whole circuit if you can prior to starting to solder. Put some glue over it to ensure it will not short out or get disconnected. Instead of using a battery clip, which I sadly didn't have at the time, I just stripped some wires and glued them onto the 9v battery. I am using an OLD 9v battery that outputs about 4v, so it is safe for the LED. However you may use a couple of coin-cell batteries which will work out much better in the end, saving you mounting trouble. After gluing both wires to each lead of the battery, test the circuit before soldering to ensure that it works. One lead should go to the unsoldered LED leg and the other should go on the other pin of the switch. If your LED does not light up, just switch the two leads from the battery. If it still doesn't light up, check all your connections to see if any around touching or not properly connected. Finish up by applying a generous amount of glue over your connections to ensure they don't short out or come loose.

Step 4: Add Velcro and Mount Battery

Cut a piece of Velcro about the same size as your battery and glue it on. Cut an identical piece for putting inside the bottle where your battery will be mounted, and then glue it in. Make sure your selected battery spot isn't on the main graphic of the bottle, an ideal place would be the nutrition facts sheet. Adjust all the wires so everything will fit inside perfectly. Use a long thin object to guide the battery onto the Velcro piece inside the bottle. Screw on the cap and you're done!

Step 5: Flick Switch and Enjoy!

Looks much cooler than a lava lamp and costs next to nothing. Not only that, but you're also being Eco friendly by reusing that bottle! This cool little project is easy to make and the parts are all cheap and easy to get. This project is also very universal, meaning you could substitute every material here and still be able to make it! There are many ways to creatively remake this project, share your version with the community!

This is a video of the bottle changing colours