Introduction: Bobby Pin Hair Bow

This is a quick and easy way to make bow hair accessories. The process is pretty straightforward using common and easily found materials. Depending on your experience, it should only take 20-30 minutes to complete.

They are easily customizable once you know the process creating potentially endless possibilities! They're a great summer accessory that add just a bit more cute to any outfit!

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

- A needle
- Thread
- Fabric (Since only a little is needed, scraps from previous projects, old clothing, etc. is perfect for this project)
- Scissors
- Glue (white or hot glue)
- Ruler
- Bobby pins
- A sewing machine makes it easier and neater, but isn't absolutely necessary

Step 2: Step 1: Cut the Fabric

You'll be cutting two rectangular pieces of fabric. One will be the actual bow, and one will be the middle part (see second photo for clarification).

The measurements do not have to be accurate at all. I don't personally measure, and just guess. For those who are more precise, the final bow will be roughly one third of the length and the entire height of the fabric. Don't forget you can mix and match fabrics for a unique look!

NOTE: Since I am using t-shirt fabric for this particular bow, I don't have to worry about finishing the edges since it won't fray. If you're using cotton or another type of fabric that needs finishing, take that into account when cutting the fabric to size. The length will still be one third of the final bow, but the height will be one half, for example.

For other fabrics, it's easy as well: Just fold the fabric in half height-wise with the good sides facing each other, then sew along the long edge. Turn it inside out and you have what you need for the next step. In the third photo, I sewed two additional seams on each side, lengthwise, for looks. The same process can be used for the middle piece.

Step 3: Step 2: Fold the Fabric

Make sure the good side of the fabric is facing down for this step. Fold the fabric into threes, with an overlapping section in the middle of the rectangle. Approximate the distance for each fold, and make sure there is enough overlap for sewing the folds together in the center. Use a ruler to make sure each side is close to the same length.

Step 4: Step 3: Sew the Layers Together

Sew a straight line along the center of the rectangle. A sewing machine makes this step a lot easier and neater, but using a manual needle and thread is fine as well.

Step 5: Step 4: What's It Going to Look Like?!

In this step you can make some last minute adjustments to the size of the bow.

First lay the rectangle so the front is facing up (see previous step for clarification). Then fold it in half so the seam you just sewed is lined up (see photo). Next, fold the top layer back, in half, so that the front edge meets the back edge (see second photo). Do the same for the bottom layer, and you'll have a good idea of what your final bow will look like! Pretty, eh?

Personally, my bow was looking a bit large and floppy for my tastes, so I cut it in half! Now I'll have two matching bows! Just reinforce the stitching to make sure that your seam isn't going to fall apart!

Step 6: Step 5: More Sewing!

Now, unfold everything and lay it again so the front it facing up, and again fold it in half, just like the first photo of the previous step. Use a needle and thread (or a sewing machine if your bow is big enough) to sew a small seam halfway down the folded rectangle. Start in the middle and sew all the way to the back of the bow (towards the folded edge). Please see the photo to see exactly where you need to sew.

Keep in mind you need to keep the open end able to fold over backwards like you did in the previous step. This is why you're only sewing it half way. It makes for a nice pretty bow!

Step 7: Step 6: Add the Middle Piece

Almost done!

Remember that long skinny piece you cut at the beginning? Now is the time for that!

Fold the two flaps back to the back edge, like when you were seeing how it would look in step 4. Hold it there with your fingers, or use a pin if that is easier. Take the fabric for the middle piece, and hold one edge at the back of the bow. Pin it there if that is easier for you. (Just remember, too many pins all over the place can make things messy, so take care with them!) Then wrap the middle piece around the front of the bow, and to the back. Now you know how long the middle piece needs to be. Cut it to size, leaving a small seam allowance. Hold it or pin it in place. Sew the middle piece in place.

Step 8: Step 7: Attach to the Bobby Pin

Flip the bow on it's front and add glue to the back seam of the middle piece that you just sewed in the previous step. You don't need to put glue on the actual bow part (unless perhaps your bow is big and/or heavy). You don't need a lot of glue, but use enough so the bow won't fall off the pin.

Gently lower the pin onto the glue, bumpy side down. You might have to hold it for a little while for it to balance on the bow.

Now just wait for the glue to dry, and you're done!

After drying, if some glue sticks the pin together, just gently pry the pin apart or use a knife to remove the glue.

Step 9: Step 8: Wear It!

Make sure all the glue is dry before putting it in your hair!

As you probably realized, these bows are very simple, inexpensive (or free), and quick to make. They can compliment any outfit as well as add a fresh, cute summer look to your everyday clothes!

Don't stop at just a plain simple bow. You can add lace, ribbions, buttons, charms, sequins and anything to make them unique to your style.

Please feel free to leave comments of how you made your hair accessory unique and give inspiration to other users. Pictures are very welcome!

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