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Introduction: Body Paint Character Picture

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Here i will be giving you step by step instructions to turning yourself into a character picture. Thats right that is me in the picture 🤣

Step 1: Body Paint Character Picture

So the first thing you want to do is moisturize
I can't stress that enough.
Next you are going to map out the placing of the characters. Use the eyeliner to do this and just do a shorthand sketch. Meaning no details.
After you are confident in placement you can begin using the body paint to go over the outline of the characters with color. Try to get your lines straight on the inside of character but its not necessary to worry about the outside.

Step 2: Body Paint Character Picture

Once u have added the colors carefully outline the character in black paint. For this step it is best to use the detail paint brushes to keep lines where they need to be. But don't worry if you mess up simply allow the paint to dry COMpLETELY then you can go back over it. Gill in all of the places that don't have a character with the black including ears neck and arms down to the bottom of characters. In this case almost to the elbow.

Step 3: Body Paint Character Picture

In this step you want to add details such as eyes teeth and hair. This is the most tedious part of the look. Have lots of patience and remember let dry b4 you add layers. . Once you have finished all the details you can use an eye shadow to fill in thin areas of paint. For example on your eyelids the pain tends to crease to you simply add a black shadow over top and it fills in the creases. You can do this with any trouble le areas.

Step 4: Body Paint Character Picture

Here you want to get a black backdrop or sheet or curtain to take your pictures. I have added several pics with different lighting to show how lighting affects outcome of this particular project. You need so have the light directly in front of you so you can see the whole pai ting in the same lighting without glares.

Step 5: Body Paint Character Picture

Last step is the photo editing. I try to keep it minimal so that my art stays my art. Really the only thing I change as far as the painting its self it adjust the contrast and saturation. What this does is allow the black to blend and makes your colors brighter so to stand out more. You can play with it to see what suits you picture better. Then beyond that you poster can be whatever you want I added an extra edit i did that changed the whole feel but thats just for example. . In my poster I made i added ear tips to the one character and then added the title of the show and images of the characters I painted.

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    Ronna Farley
    Ronna Farley

    2 years ago on Step 4

    All I can say is wow! I have never seen anything like this!!!


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