Introduction: Body Work on Cars (Bondo)

This instructable will explain how to fix a dent on your car and to save you money

Step 1: Finding a Dent

Find a dent that you would like to repair, Make sure all the old paint is sanded off and it is just bare metal. Sand about 1 inch around the dent area.

Step 2: Preparing the Bondo

when you open the bondo can it will be a grey color, Use A scraper and take out about a golf ball sized amount, squeeze a strip of bondo hardener out about 2 inches long

Step 3: Mixing the Bondo

bondo gets hard within 5 minutes so mix it quickly, when your mixing bondo make sure to mix it evenly and make sure you can't see any grey or any red spots, make sure the whole area is a nice bubble gum pink color,

Step 4: Spreading the Bondo

once your bondo looks about the picture above put it on a spreader and spread it over your dent, make sure it is very smooth and not to thick, if bondo is to thick it could crack over time and it will be a lot more work to sand.

Step 5: Sanding the Bondo

When sanding Bondo I would recommend using a electric palm sander as it makes sanding easier and go by more quick, you can use a sanding block if you would like. sanding bondo can be very tedious you have to make sure that you sand it flat with the metal or else it will show up after you paint it.

Step 6: Priming After Sanding

After you have sanded the bondo and it is smooth with the rest of the metal it is time to prime it, buy a rattle can of wet sand able primer and spray on a 3-4 light coats a few minuets apart. after you have applied all your coats and it you can not see the bondo color. take 200 grit sand paper and get it wet and start sanding, during sanding make sure to wipe clean the sanded residue on the piece of metal.

Step 7: Final Painting

once you have sanded its time to paint, if you have a panel for the inside of your car from a older car you can just use a rattle can of the same color paint but if you have a newer car and you did bondo in the outside then take your vehicle to the dealer and buy a can of paint to match your vehicle the paint will be kind of expensive but it will be cheaper than paying some place to do it.