Body Work Sander Made in to a Edge Sander

Introduction: Body Work Sander Made in to a Edge Sander

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I am terrible at taking pictures and that as i go along in my projects so I am afraid i haven't got enough pictures this time either.

Step 1: Making the Frame

I used chipboard in this project as it is strong, I did think of maybe using MDF but I am happy that i stayed with chipboard now as I think that MDF would have split if that is the word you would use. The chipboard did split as well as you can see in the picture but that is my fault as i didn't leave enough of an edge on the wood and i did overtighten the screws too much. There isn't a lot to say about this step only tips i can tell you really as it purely depends on the size of your sander. The first tip i would tell you is make sure you make a big enough base to avoid it toppling over easily. The second tip I would give you is that leave enough space on the table on the top and I would and will be adding a kind of reinforcement underneath the table as well to make it stronger. Last but not lest of the tips is when you measure up the diameter of where your sander is fixed be sure to pull a good 3mm off of the circumference to make it a tight squeeze. After you have done your frame pop your sander in, clamp it down and stick your airline in. Hope you enjoy doing this and please comment if you find another thing that should be done to make this project better as i find more problems with mine all the time. O and by the way sorry for the bad filming as filming with one hand is hard enough as it is but try sanding with the other.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Just one trick ^^ : to avoid the wood bursting you can drill before you screw


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I did but I tightened it much too much as i thought it would slide out because it has only got a small collar on it. Also the countersink screws didn't help as they opened the hole to much when you tightened it down, Should have used bigger washers. (I didn't use washers first time around, which didn't help either)