Boeing 787 Dreamliner (Glider) Build




Introduction: Boeing 787 Dreamliner (Glider) Build

Hello, i am going to share with you today how i build the Boeing 787 Dreamliner (glider) airplane with EPS foam.i chose to build this particular model because it has a great dihedral wing shape and it would be ideal to turn it into a glider. I will post a video of the build and flight video at the end of the instruction. Please support me by SUBSCRIBING to my youtube channel. Thank you

Step 1: The Fuselage

Firstly, i downloaded a 3 view image of the Dreamliner and traced the top and side views on papers. Then i glued them together on cardboard and cut it out to make the template. I glued four pieces of foam to make a block and then glued the cardboar temporarily on it. I cut out it on a foam cutter i made myself with some guitar strings and usb charger. Now i have a rough shape of the plane. I sanded the entire plane to make it into shape. EPS foam are fragile so I applied glue on the entire plane. It makes it somewhat stong and flexible.

Step 2: The Wings, Elevators and Rudder

RuddersTo make the Wings, elevator and rudder, i cut out the rough shape and sanded it to give the airfoil shapes. I also covered glue on them

Step 3: The Engines

Engine s are really not necessary on this model, but i wanted it to look more realistic so i added them anyway.

Step 4: The Livery

I drew the windows and logos of boeing on paper ang glued them on rather than painting it.

Step 5: Build & Flight Video

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    Tip 3 years ago

    A very nice looking model!
    You may have a lot less mess and smoother finish if *extruded* styrene foam is used instead of *expanded* foam (beadboard). Construction sites for new housing often have scraps of the extruded foam after they're done with insulating. Two things to remember: make sure it's polystyrene and not polyurethane (PU) foam. PU foam can give off nasty gases when it's hot-wire cut. And the extruded foam usually has a vapor barrier on each face. Peel those off before hotwiring or gluing.


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks for the tip. I really appreciate that. I will use the foam next time