Introduction: Boffer Warglaives

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Lore and Legend: Legends speak of heroic daemon hunters who slay legions of unholy warriors with nothing but their two warglaives and some light leather armour. Through this they absorb the very essence of these daemons; eventually converting into deamons themselves in order to use these unholy energies to become a more effective daemon slayer.

Practicality and Tactics: The warglaives in a full contact LARP such as Amtgard would be known as a "Flurb" weapon*. This is true and they will require a large amount of practice to become proficient with. The first thing you need to note is that dual warglaives is exactly like weilding a middle madu** and a short sword held in both the regular and downsword*** positions.

Design limitations: In Amtgard draw cuts do not count, therefore the striking surfaces on these are straight not curved.

(real pictures will be taken when i have a camera)

* flurb in amtgard means someone who focuses on the roleplaying aspect.
**middle madu is a short two bladed spear with a shield built in
*** downsword position is when you hold your sword pointing down

Step 1: The Gathering of Materials

For this set of weapons you will need:

2 pieces of PVC the length of your leg (Stine sells 10' pieces for $1.50)
2 pieces of blue camp foam the about 15" x 2" (buy a blue camp pad at walmart or a sporting goods store for ~$5.00)
2 sticks of funnoodle (2 dollars each at walmart)
1 roll of athletic tape (for grip and basket)
8 disks of camp foam the diameter of your funnoodle

covering amtgard style:
1 roll of clear tape (for a skin)
4 opaque stocking legs

covering backyard fight club style:
1 roll of duct tape

Step 2: First Off

first step and i can't stress this enough: Clean the ends of your PVC, remove all of the little burrs or else you will shorten the life of your stabbing tips dramatically.

Use a sharp knife and scrape the burrs off.

Step 3: Cutting the Noodle

You need 4 pieces the half length of the PVC -3 inches.
when you you have all of these cut slide them onto your PVC until the end is flush with the PVC.

Step 4: Wrapping the Blades

cut using your duct tape or clear packing tape lay the strips vertically  on the funnoodle until it is covered completely. Then take your duct tape/CPT and wrap the base (part closest to the grip) tightly as you can so the foam does not slip. If using clear tape you then need to slide on the stocking and tape it down.

Step 5: The Basket

Before you add the basket you must wrap the grip with the athletic tape.
you will then need to cut an H shaped piece of camp foam for the guard. wrap this H shape with athletic tape and then put the tabs around the PVC and use the athletic tape to close the slot.

Step 6: Sources and Stuff

for amtgard
a video will be posted by next sunday (21st)