Introduction: Bohemian-Chic Statement Necklace

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This Bohemian-Chic necklace looks like it came straight out of Anthropologie!

With its statement-making layers, textured beading, gold, diamond and crystal accents, and the show-stopping will be the envy of every girl in town!

And no one will ever believe that you made it yourself...

Shall we begin?


  • Aqua Green Geode Pendant (I got my geode --and all my supplies -- from Michaels, and I worked all the colors and style around it)
  • 2 medium white stone charms
  • 2 square "diamond" charms
  • 72 inches of medium-sized soft gold (as opposed to bright gold) chain
  • A small amount of thinner soft gold chain (I only used 8 chain links total, OR use the same medium-sized chain)
  • 4 strands (mine came as a 4 strand pack) of aqua green small threaded stones
  • 2 strands (mine came as a pack) of clear medium-sized threaded crystals
  • 2 strands (mine came as a pack) of small shiny gold geometric beads
  • 2 strands (mine came as a pack) of small shiny gold rectangular beads
  • Mixed pack of small and large (twice as big as the small ones) soft gold jump rings (I used 29-31 small jump rings and 2 large jump rings)
  • Pack of soft gold eye pins (I used 9 total)
  • Pack of at least 2 soft gold rectangular spacers (the spacers should have 5 eyes on the bottom for making 5 rows)
  • Pack of gold crimp beads (tube or round, the choice is yours. I used round)
  • 20 gauge gold beading wire (I couldn't find soft gold, but it gets covered up with beads anyways)
  • 3-in-1 beading pliers (they have rounded pliers at the tip, a middle flat squishing section, and wire cutters)
  • OPTIONAL: Inspiration picture

NOTE: These are the exact items I used for this exact necklace, but the necklace should reflect you and your creativity, so please feel free to improvise with your own decorative touches and style!

Step 1: Ready Row 1

Start by setting out your two spacers and trim the chain 8" for Row 1 (the smallest row at the top).

To "trim" the chain, you can either literally trim it with wire cutters, or you can use the tip of the rounded pliers and open a link in the chain to separate the 8" away from the entire chain.

Step 2: Attach a Jump Ring

Attach a jump ring to one end of the 8" chain by opening the jump ring (like you did the chain) and sliding the chain's last link into the ring. Then attach the other side of the open ring to the innermost "top" eye of the spacer.

Step 3: Finished Row 1

Repeat attaching the other side with a jump ring to the spacer and you're done with Row 1.

Step 4: Prepare the Beading Wire for Row 2

Cut the 20-gauge gold beading wire to 10".

Curl the end over on itself with the rounded tip of the pliers to make a small eye loop.

Add a crimp bead from the open end up to the small eye loop you just made, and using the middle part of the 3-in-1 pliers, smoosh the bead flat. This will hold everything in place.

Now, this is a very unconventional way to apply a crimp bead to the traditional way you would use one (where you would have the wire or thread double back on itself through the crimp bead and also through a couple of beads to secure it). However, this beading wire is too thick to do that approach, so this is my improvised version and it worked fantastically!

Step 5: Beading Row 2

The first picture shows you the pattern I used for my beaded Row 2.

1. Gold rectangle bead

2. Gold geometric circle bead

3. Small aqua green stone bead

4. Gold geometric circle bead

5. Gold rectangle bead, and so forth

When you get to the other end of the wire, leave about 1" of wire. Add a crimp bead. Trim down the excess wire to about 1/4" (from the crimp bead). Use your pliers to curl the end into a loop/eye. Smoosh the crimp bead flat to finish.

Step 6: Attach Row 2

Attach Row 2 with two jump rings on either end to the second top eye loops on either spacer.

Row 2 is complete.

Step 7: Prepare Row 3's Crystals

I wanted the crystals of Row 3 to sit between the aqua green stones of Row 2, so I laid them out in the approximate spacing I wanted.

To make the crystals attachable, we need to add eye pins to each one. To add an eye pin (by the way, these eye pins were 2" long), simply insert the rod into the bead's openings (one end is already made into a loop for you), and trim the excess to 1/4", loop it with the pliers, and you're all set!

Repeat this 5-9 times for all your crystals.

NOTE: I made my necklace with 9 crystals, but the outer two crystals on either side seem to hit Row 4 and overlap it, so I would suggest using only 5 crystals from the center outward with two on either side of the center. Either way, the necklace still looks bawse!

Step 8: Attach the Crystals to Row 3

I attached my 9 crystals using 4 links of smaller chain on either side to attach it to the spacers (with jump rings), and 2 jump rings on either side of each crystal (attached together between two crystals, as seen in the pictures).

This made the perfect finished length.

If you are only using 5 crystals, try starting out with 8 links of smaller chain on either side attached to the spacers with jump rings, and 4 links of smaller chain between the crystals (with the crystals still having two jump rings on either side to attach them to the middle chain between them). Then shorten the amount of chain (or lengthen it) as needed until it sits just right. Since I didn't use this approach, I can't tell you exactly, so you will have to play around with it.

Once everything is attached to the spacers (in the third/middle eye/loop in the spacers), you should end up with the last picture of this step.

Step 9: Beading Row 4

Cut 14" of 20 gauge beading wire.

Do the exact same process as you did for Row 2 except instead of alternating in gold beads, simply bead the entire row with aqua green stones. Finish it off in the same exact way as before with crimp beads and jump rings. This row will attach to the second eye/loop up from the bottom (or the fourth eye/loop down).

Step 10: Completed Row 4

Here is where you're at after completing Row 4.

Step 11: The Final Row

To begin the fifth and final row, remove (or cut off) 16" of medium-sized gold chain.

Find the center link by folding the chain in half, and matching up the bottom ends.

Attach a larger jump ring to the top of the geode pendant, and then to the middle link.

Step 12: Finish Row 5

The four extra pendants I used on Row 5 (two on either side of the geode) already had jump rings connected to them (if yours don't, then add jump rings to your pendants).

NOTE: If you're using vertically strung beads as dangly "pendants" on this row, use head pins to hold the beads up (head pins are like eye pins but they have a flat end on one side to stop beads from sliding off when hung on it).

I spaced my pendants 7 links away from the geode and from each other when attaching them (via their jump rings) to the chain.

When you have attached the chain to the spacers on the bottom eye/loops, then you will end up with the last picture of this step! Almost done!!

Step 13: Completing the Necklace

Remove (or cut) two 4-1/4" pieces of chain (or 5" long or more depending on how low you want the completed necklace to sit).

Attach a lobster claw to a small jump ring to one end of the first chain. To the other end of the same chain, add a small jump ring and hook that jump ring to the top of the left spacer (when looking at the necklace, but this will be the side that you pick up with your right hand). If you are left-handed, attach this chain to the opposite spacer.

Attach a large jump ring to one end of the second chain. To the other end of this second chain, add a small jump ring and hook it to the top of the second spacer.


Step 14: Why Buy When You Can DIY!?

With this absolutely breathtaking DIY'd necklace, why buy new again!? You are now a jewelry making pro!

Flaunt off your amazing new creation in your favorite Bohemian-Chic inspired outfit!

Isn't it just gorgeous!?!?

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