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Hi people! Welcome back. We are crafting once again.

Let's get our hand onto this beautiful bohemian handbag! The best thing about it was, it was simple to make and everything it required was available at home. So, if you have some scrap fabric lying around and you want to make the most of it, you have come to the right place.

Let's start! Straight away!

Step 1: What You Will Need?

1. Fabric. I used a very old, thick scarf. Any kind of fabric will do if it is durable and would not get damaged easily. Sweaters, jackets, hoodies, anything.
2. Needle and thread.
3. Decorative laces. It's totally upto you; how you want to decorate it.
4. Thick thread to make fringes.
5. Hot Glue.

Step 2: Cut.

Firstly, I folded my scarf from one end to check how long I wanted the bag to be and unfolded it and measured 68 cm from the end; I wanted the length to be around 34 cm. I marked a little over 68 cm to reserve space to make a seam. I repeated the step on the other side, connected the marks and cut through the connecting line.

Step 3: Sew the Base.

On the cut edge, I folded 1.5 cm to make a seam and secured it with pins. Then, I double threaded a needle with a matching thread and started to sew.
You want to make a simple running stitch and then repeat it twice to make sure it is secure enough and tie off a knot.

Similarly, I aligned the two edges together vertically and then sew the sides with running stitches. This made a pocket like structure.

Next, I folded a little less than a half of the pocket creased it there. Refer to the images. This is the base of our handbag.

Step 4: Decorate.

For the fringes, I took a 3 cm wide ruler and a thick white thread. Any kind would do. Wrap the thread around the ruler and slide it so that the loops are close together, as shown. When you have wrapped enough thread for one go, cut the thread and apply hot glue to one edge and stick that to the bag. When the glue has dried, grab scissors and cut through the thread loops, as close as possible to the top. This will make the fringes. Continue until you have made the fringes all along the width.

Now, grab your laces and sew them onto the bag. I alternated between a thick and a thin one. First make a fold at one end of a lace, and stitch it. Then place it on the bag and sew it with running stitches. Repeat for other layers.

While making my bag, I hadn't really planned out anything before. I hadn't thought of decorating in the beginning, so when sewing the laces, I had to do so from the inside, which was frustrating. So I would recommend that you do the decorating before you sew the sides of the bag.

Step 5: The Handle.

From the leftover scarf, I cut out the side strips. Then I folded just a little on one end of one strip and made a few stitches there and ended off with a knot. Then, I placed the folded end on the other end and sow it there to join the two strips together. These connected strips made a length of 45 inches.

Now, it's time to attach the handle. As shown in the image, sow the ends of the handle in the sideline of the crease of the handbag.

To give some shape to the handbag, I cut out another strip and sow it to one side of the pocket of the bag, between the handle stitches on the crease. This part was a bit difficult, since i had to to from the inside of the bag. But yes, I managed.

Step 6: Done.

This simple handbag turned out great. The even greater thing was that it didn't consume much time.

Now, all that is left is for you to flaunt your creation. Have fun crafting, if you do.


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