Introduction: Bohemian Summer Sandals

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Tassels to me scream summer and everything fun! Bring on you A game this summer with these vibrant bohemian sandals that will liven up any outfit!

Step 1: You Will Need

A pair of old sandals (preferably with broad straps, you could use narrow straps but that will limit your design)

Lots of embroidery threads (I used 5 colors that i thought looked great together)

A cheap beaded necklace (you could also use round beads, but I saved a lot of money buying a necklace as opposed to buying a ton of beads)

In the photo I also have shown beads but ended up not using them

Step 2: Make Some Tassels

Tassels are very easy to make, but tiny one like these require a lot of patience and a stead hand. I used a plastic bit 2cm wide and wound embroidery thread around it 10 times. You could vary the dimensions and make them as long or full as you like. I then tied the tassel up at one end and cut open the other.

I needed a total of 30 tassels to cover the entire strap.

To attach them to the sandal I cut a piece of masking tape the same length as that of the strap, glued the tassels onto the tape and stuck it onto the strap.

An easier way to accomplish a similar look without all the effort is to use pom pom lace instead of tassels.

Step 3: The Knotted Band

Fair warning, this the most time consuming step of this process it took me an entire day to make two of these.

Start out with an even number of threads (each 50 inches in length) and lay them flat on a surface and tie them together by a knot. To make life easier stick it onto the surface you are working on.

I worked with 5 colors and arranged my threads in the following sequence:

Start knotting from the left most threads. taking the black thread I made two '4' knot onto the teal thread (better understood in photo). I then moved onto blue them pink and orange. Stop when the black thread reaches the middle.

Then I took the leftmost thread and made two 'inverse 4' knots onto teal and continued till black reached the middle.

Then I tied the two black thread together using two 'inverse 4' knots.

Then continue with teal and so on.

Remember to make TWO knots everywhere.

Continue with this until you the band is the length of the strap. To end it tie a knot at the end with a piece of thread. Stick it onto the strap with the help of some strong glue. I used synthetic resin (also known as cobblers' glue).

An easy hack is to use a friendship bracelet instead of making this.

Step 4: Add the Beads

At first i thought i would cut a strand of the necklace and stick it as is. But that was a big fail as as soon as I cut all the beads came off of the thread. So what I ended up doing was to take the beads on a dish and to stick them one by one. It wasn't as time consuming as I thought it would be.

I used synthetic resin to stick on the beads.

Step 5: A Braid and a Twist

As I was nearing the end, I got extremely excited forgot to take any photographs of making the braid. But it was easy enough. I made a simple three strand braid and stuck it on with help of synthetic resin.

For the twist I tied together 5 strands of thread and stuck one end onto the strap. I then twisted these strands and stuck them on.

Step 6: Pom Pom!

With the main strap looking so much fun, I thought the other strap needed a little something as well, so what better than a pompom!

To make a pom pom, cut up about 30 cm of each color thread. Wrap all these on your fingers and tie in the middle. Once tied cut open the two ends and that's it!

Step 7: Finish It Off

If you are left with some empty space on your strap you could cover it up with some thread, just like i have done with black thread. And viola, you are done!

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