Introduction: Boho Flower Headband

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How many of you have tried the filters with flower crowns? You feel like you're in Coachella having the time of your life. This app filters look very pretty but if you had a flower crown like that in real life it's very unlikely you'll go out wearing it. This headband is inspired by those filters but in a more real way to wear in a regular day.

Step 1: Materials

Plastic headband

2 sizes of craft paper flowers (you can find them at Michaels)


Glue gun

Step 2: Cut Stem

Cut the wire that holds the flowers half an inch from the flower. Bend the wire to one side to have a flat surface.

Step 3: Glue

Start gluing your flowers to the headband with the flowers facing up to make the illusion of real flower crowns.

Mix both sizes and place them in different directions. Continue doing this until you've covered your headband. It's always good to leave the sides without decorations to make our face shape more oval than round.

Step 4: Let Dry and Wear!

Leave your headband in a flat surface and let the glue cool down for 5 to 10 minutes.

Your headband's now ready to use! Match it with denim or a very girly dress.

Have fun!

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