Introduction: Boiled Rice Cake

Hay, today I will make an Boiled rice cake, this cake is very delicious to be served for the family and the ingredients are kept away, easy to make and also tastes good. Okay let's make it


Ingredients and Tools
Material :
• Glutinous Rice Flour
• Water
• brown sugar and puree
• grated coconut
• teaspoon salt

Tools :
• a place for making dough
• a place for air
• dishes for sesame preparation
• Dishes for sesame dough
• frying pan
• spatula
• slicer

Step 1: How to Make : Boiled Rice Cake

Mix sticky milk rice flour water and salt, then stir the mixture until it can be formed

Step 2: Provide a Pan and Water on Top, Then Wait for the Water to Boil

Boil half a pan of water, then put the dough round into the boiling water, let it float, then remove from heat and drain.

Step 3: Rounding Process of the Dough

Take a little flat mixture then fill the mixture with brown sugar, after that round, do it repeatedly until the dough runs out and make a few small or medium circles.

Step 4: The Result

Place the mixture on top and roll until the grated coconut gets the whole mixture.
Take the plate back, then set the onde balls on the table and ready to be served