Introduction: Boiling Water Filter

Noticing that there isn't an affordable and easy to make water filter disappoints me. People around the world should be able to gain access to clean water without having to work all day to have it. To hopefully create a solution to this problem I've decided to build a water filter myself. * I am still working on completing the project, so don't follow this instructable yet.*

Step 1: Pick a Design

There are many ways to filter out water like with gravel, sand, charcoal, or boiling. I thought of something that will boil the water to get rid of the mud, dirt, and rocks. The processes of boiling the water is the most efficient method of purification.

Step 2: Try a Prototype

Make a prototype of the boiling system that you are trying to create. I had used another instructable to create one. Boiling system prototype

Step 3: Start Designing Your Water Filter

I had started to create a parabolic mirror to make the boiling system faster and/or hotter. I had used the software Fusion 360, which you can also download on your computer. Fusion 360 download link.

Create a circle that has a diameter of 1000 mm.

Next, divide the circle into 16 curved pieces.

The link to the finished version of the mirror is at the bottom.

Step 4: Make Stand

There needs to be a stand that holds the mirror and the water.

First get the base of the stand.

Next make a bucket with a handle to hold the water. The final version of the stand is downloaded underneath.

Step 5: Physical Version

Make the physical version to get a feeling of the drawings you did on Fusion 360.

You can make the mirror by printing it out on a piece paper then tracing it on cardboard. Once it you cut it out the cardboard cover the inside with tin foil. Then fold the individual pieces up to make a parabola shape, once it in the shape tape the outside to hold it together.

You can cut out the stand from cardboard to get an idea that it works.