Bold Eyeliner Hack.




Introduction: Bold Eyeliner Hack.

Eyeliner is a cosmetic used to define the eyes. It is applied around the contours of the eye(s) to create a variety of aesthetic effects. The makeup is usually used by women and girls.

Eyeliner was first used in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia as a dark black line around the eyes. As early as 10,000 BC, Egyptians wore various cosmetics not only for aesthetics but to protect the skin from the desert sun.[1] Research has also speculated that eyeliner was worn to protect the wearer from the evil eye.[1] The characteristic of having heavily lined eyes has been frequently depicted in ancient Egyptian art. They produced eyeliner with a variety of materials, including copper ore and antimony.[1] Ancient Egyptian kohl contained galena, which was imported from nearby regions in the Land of Punt, Coptos and Western Asia.[2]
In the 1920s, Tutankhamun's tomb was discovered, introducing the use of eyeliner to the Western world. The 1920s were an era commonly associated with many changes in women's fashion, and women felt freer to apply makeup more liberally. In the 1960s, liquid eyeliner was used to create thick black and white lines around the eyes in the makeup fashion associated with designers likeMary Quant.

Step 1: Materials

scotch tape


gel eye liner ( i recommend this)

Step 2: Start

start with fresh eyes.

Step 3: Apply Digonal Tape

from the corner of your eyes, to the corner of eyebrow your brow. as shown in the picture.


don't press your tape else it will hurt later while taking off, however make sure the crease is well attached to your skin.

Step 4: First Line

either draw a slant line like in 1st image for smaller wing or create longer slant line for longer wing.

Step 5: Creating Line

fill in like shown

Step 6: As You Progress

this the the look you want to achieve. make sure your liner is super dark

Step 7: Remove the Tape

you can see the beautiful wing. :)

i hope you liked this hack :)


byes and Allah Hafiz


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